Recommended Video Card?



I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question, but everybody seems knowledgable here.

I have the official Suckdome video card Nividia 7500LE. I can’t play games I want to play and as so need a new video card. I have an outstanding PC (well, besides the video card of course) so I can take on anything.

I noticed that every new game since, say, Rainbow Six Vegas hasn’t been able to quite perform by any stretch of the imagination.

So my question: What is a good video card (either NVIDIA or ATI/Radeon) to have for the ‘recommended’ standards for a game (optimal) rather than ‘minimum’? The cheaper the better, but I understand the expense for top quality.

Any help would be hot. Thanks in advance!


well as you might alredy know , pci-e (pci express) has replaced the agp video card standard about 2.5 years ago but there were still some cheap value motherboards with agp and i think theres still a few of em around , if i remember correctly the 7500le was available in both agp/pci-e , provide the motherboard model so ill know if its agp or pci-e otherwise its really impossible to recommend another card , if you dont know whats the motherboard model is then download pcwizard and just look at the “mainboard” field , , also you havnt mentioned from what country your from and whats the max ammount of $$$ your willing to spend… nessary info so ppl will be able to recommend an online store in your area and of course to know what type of $$$ you talkin about

[B]edit[/B] btw i wonder,whats your processor and ammount of ram?


Is this Video card AGP or PCI-E?
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Oh right. Sorry guys.

I have the following currently:
General Information :

Manufacturer : Nvidia Corp (ASUSTeK Computer Inc)
Model : GeForce 7500 LE
Bus Type : PCI-Express
Total Memory : 512 MB
Texture Memory : 495 MB
Processor : GeForce 7500 LE
Converter : Integrated RAMDAC
Refresh Rate (min/max) : 60/85 Hz

(its a sham that a 512 MB card can’t produce hard results)

I am from Disneyville, Florida USA and am willing to spend up to $400 USD, but again the lower end of the wallet if possible.



Hmmm I can’t seem to find that card on the Nvidia website closest is the 7300LE. Does this use Turbocache for memory or does it have 512Mb of actual onboard ram?
From the NVIDIA FAQ’S:

Q: What is the physical memory for the GeForce 7300 LE?
You will see a lot of GeForce 7300 LE-based cards with 128MB of on-board memory, supporting 256MB of memory in a 512MB system. You will also see GeForce 7300 LE-based cards with 256MB of on-board memory that support 512MB of memory in a 1GB system.


if you game at 1600x1200 or lower the 8800gts 320mb would be perfect:

if you game @ higher than 1600x1200, or if you want to be a little more future proof, get the 8800gts 640mb

if you want to save some cash, the best low budget card ATM is the x1950pro

 1280x1024 or less get the 256mb:

 higher than 1280x1024/slightly more future proof get the 512mb:

the x1950pros perform between the level of the 7900gs and 7950gt (in a few games they actually beat the 7950gt, Oblivion is one, can’t remember any of the others off the top of my head)

just be aware that all of these cards use significantly more power than the 7500, so be sure your power supply is up to the task


If your willing to spend good money now, I would definitly suggest getting an 8800 series card since it is DX10 compatible, the x1950’s are not. Most definitly get the 640MB version.

These cards use a lot of power, you might have to upgrade your power supply. If you think your current PS is up to snuf and if you need to use the power connector adapter suplied with the card, make sure you connect the molex connectors to two seperate power lines.


As of today I think the 8800 GTS is definitely the way to go. If you shop around BFG, eVGA and XFX have some mail in rebates. Like this. IMHO the 8800 GTX is too much card for anything I have run across, too expensive, creates too much heat and is power hungry (Requires two PCI-E power connectors to run). May be more than you wanted to spend but it will give you peace of mind until something better comes along which in the hardware world could be a week or 6 months.:wink:


From reading 7500LE Nvidia card I can say you have an HP computer that you bought correct? 7500LE cards can not be bought retail they only come with pre-built systems (namely OEM builders). I am guessing your model of HP is probably M7557C, am I right? Someone on the forum had a similar setup as you did. So I’m just guessing that you have an HP most likely. 7500LE cards are also Turbo Cache models (meaning they share memory between your real ram and your cards onboard ram). So in this case you have one free PCI-E slot for one videocard upgrade.

In my opinion I would say wait till next month before you do an upgrade. Summer is right around the corner and prices will be hot for ATI & Nvidia cards. Prices might even drop a lot because of videocard price wars. ATI might have a price edge over Nvidia forcing them to drop their prices on their cards because ATI is using 65nm on their chips. If the chip yields are good per wafer for ATI you will be seeing good prices for upcoming DX10 cards. So wait till next month for an ATI full product launch and Nvidia coming out with their lower end DX10 cards. Both companies will offer a variety of cards to choose from (ATI low-end to high-end, Nvidia low-end to mid-end with high-end gpu refresh) And there is no such thing as future proof :stuck_out_tongue: , it’s been almost 6 months since the launch of 8800GTX/GTX on November 08, 2006 and I have yet to see one DX10 game. I counted zero DX10 games released (yes, count that: Zero since Nov 8 :p). For those of you that still think DX9 cards are out of the market you’re wrong :P. Why would anyone exclude the 90% of people that still own DX9 cards? They would lose a lot of profits, most games are still DX9. A lot of games are still going to be DX9 till probably even till the end of next year. I don’t think DX10 will fully take off until next year (when everyone decides to move over to Vista after a service pack release).

By late next year ATI & Nvidia will have refresh GPU’s and the prices of DX10 cards will be cut by a fraction of the price. For now I wouldn’t recommend to just jump out and buy a videocard when summer is right around the corner there will be many gamers who will be jumping onto DX10 cards coming this May. Oh and Rainbow Six Vegas is a terrible port from the XBOX360, UBI did a crummy job which explains the crummy graphics and how blurry the game is. ATI X1950XTX and Geforce 8800GTX is pushing about 30-40 FPS and that tells you something (crummy porting :doh: ). So let’s play the waiting game now. You will have more choices of videocards next month than you will this month; forcing yourself to buy the few choices of videocards available right now in my opinion is just plain stupid.


I would agree with everything MetalSlayerX says. Given the dearth of DX10 games, the lack of options for low cost DX10 cards, and the fact that anything you buy now will be obsolete when the first DX10 games come out, you should get the cheapest card that will meet your needs. I have an Nvidia 7900 GT and there is nothing it will not play on a 19 inch display, even before I over clocked it. You should do just fine at $200.



Hmmm Did you just call me stupid because I own a 8800GTX? :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:


No, I’m not calling you stupid I’m just saying the idea of buying a videocard at this point of time as of right now with the limited choices is a stupid move. Maybe 5-6 months ago if you were desparate for something faster it would’ve been a good idea but within the month they will have better offerings of videocards and competitive prices. Within 10 days ATI is launching all their line up of low-end to high-end videocards in Tunisia (for those who don’t know, it’s on the continent of Africa :wink: ). Within the launch of all ATI’s line of products also comes the launch of nVidia’s lower budget mid-range cards, the 8600 GTS can be seen here LINK. Of course if nVidia ever finds out that Best Buy employees are putting the 8600 GTS’ out early they will be fined because of NDA’s (Non-disclosure Agreement).

I almost bought an 8800GTX/GTS but decided against it because of many reasons :slight_smile: . But for the most part, 8800GTS/GTX is not for the mainstream. The money maker of videocards is going to be the low-end and mid-range videocards. Which in this case, most people don’t have anything larger than 17-19" monitors and not everyone can afford $500 videocards or 20-30" high resolution LCD screens. The extra ram and power of the GPU will be wasted buying something like a 8800GTS/GTX if you’re only running on a 17-19" monitor with resolutions of 1280x1024, running a fast videocard with a slow CPU will make you CPU bound. You have to factor out your CPU speed also before buying a high end video card. These higher end videocards are meant for people who play at 1600x1200 8xAA 16xAF resolution or higher. So you would waste money if you bought these high end videocards and had 17-19" with only 1280x1024 resolution, which you could’ve got a budget card and saved $200-300 which will give you the same or similar performance as the high-end cards because your max resolution is only 1280x1024. These high-end videocards are also CPU hungry, so if you have a lower or mid-end setup your games wouldn’t run and scale very well (namely older AMD 939 & 754 CPU’s don’t scale too well with the Geforce8 cards, AM2 is not much faster either).

Don’t spend more for what you don’t need. Anyone with a 17-19" monitor will run fine with a 7600-7900GT/GS videocard or an X850XT-X1950Pro videocard. But if you’re opting for DX10 to do the method everyone calls “future proof” there’s no reason to be in a rush, wait for the low-end & mid-end DX10. Don’t limit yourself to buy something you don’t need and will never use its full potential.

AMD CPU Scaling

8800GTS 320MB scaling

Just take a look at the GTS 320MB version scaling versus the 8800GTX scaling. They’re very close in performance at 1280x1024, but when we hit the high resolutions that’s where having a GTX counts the most. No one with a 17-19" monitor needs a GTX unless they want to have bragging rights :D.


I advise u yo wait a couple of weeks. Amd/ati is about to launch a new batch of video processors. This will not only give you more choices for getting a directx 10 card but will also force Nvidia to lower their prices. So expect the end of April and watch the head to head benchmarks .
I currently run an ati X1950 pro card and all my games are running in full details, but this card is not a Direct X 10 card so future games might not work properly.
Be advised though all new Video Cards require a lot of power so be sure u got a sufficient power supply


Well you called that right the GeForce 8600 GT and GTS are available where I live now. Looks like the price varies with the core speed. Click and Click.:slight_smile: