Recommended Settings for LAME in Plextools

I’m setting out to rip my 500 CD collection to MP3 (every journey begins with a single step). Before I begin, I want to make sure that I do this right. SO i’m Using Plextools with my PX-716A and plan to run through LAME v3.90.3.

I’m using the Plextools guide that westgroveG set up to configure DAE:

However, I can’t find a guide to configure LAME in Plextools.

Radified has one for EAC and LAME, but I don’t think that Plextools supports the “alt switches”.

Please advise me what are the best settings to use for LAME in Plextools.


You could use the modified dll and put it in your Plextools directory.
I got it here, it’s the one towards the middle of the page called ‘LAME 3.90.3 dll modified to use INI File Setup’. Extract the dll and ini file into your Plextools directory. There’s also a readme for info on how to change the settings used. :wink:

I don’t remember off-hand if the readme mentions it but you will also need to select VBR in DAE Options/MP3/Extra Settings; otherwise LAME Tag won’t be written.

That’s a good tip. Thanks.

So is that all there is to it?

  1. You download and extract those files to the Plextools directory (lame_enc, lame_enc.dll, readmefirst).

  2. You view and modify the second line of the lame_enc file to use the number of the preset standard you want (i.e. I changed line two to 19, to use the alt-preset extreme standard).

  3. I didn’t change any settings within Plextools. Settings are shown as: VBR, Minimum = 32, Maximum = 320, VBR Quality = 0 (Highest).

Is there anything else I should do? It looks like you can’t enter any command line options as with EAC. Will Plextools work correctly as configured above?

plextools might have command line ability soon…said the little bird.

Yep, looks like that’ll give you what you want. It’s like the command line is automatically entered for you, since there’s nowhere for that…

…yet. :cool:

Oh, ya, you should probably set the ‘DAE Error Recovery’ section to ‘5. Recover the best bytes…’, 99 ‘Retries’, and check ‘Allow Speed Down’ if you haven’t already.

Yes, all other settings are based on the Plextools setup guide at:

One thing I noticed the guide didn’t cover is the “check pause” and “include pause” boxes in the DAE section of Plextools.

I am checking both boxes…is this a good idea?

check pause is fine to be “checked” afaik, but if you don’t want gaps between your tracks (i.e. the standard 2 sec gaps especially with “mix” CDs) then uncheck “include pause”.

So if you check the “include pause” box, would a “gapless” set of tracks have a 2 second pause inserted between tracks? Or would it simply include no pause, since there was no pause?

I’m still confused, sorry :confused: What is the correct setting to preserve gapless playback, when you don’t want extra gaps inserted between tracks that have no pauses betwen them?

check “check pause” and uncheck “include pause”

Thanks for all the advice on this, everyone!

I’ll try it out tonight.