Recommended S/W Installation Order with Nero

Hi All,

I will be rebuilding my PC using WinXP Pro w/ SP2 and a BenQ 1620 bulk drive flashed with G7V9. Too many past problems to get into now, but what I’m now wondering is:

I want to use all of the following:

Nero 6.6 Ultra
DVDDecrypter (latest?)
DVDShrink (latest?)
Elby CloneCD
Elby CloneDVD
and, if necessary ASPI 4.6 using ForceASPI 1.7 (yes, I have read the volumes on Adaptec ASPI here, and may install it)

What would be the recommended order of install to minimize the chances of these programs clobbering each other? I suspect the troublemakers would be Nero and CloneDVD.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

I see no reason to install ASPI at all for that list of software. None of those pieces of software require or even use ASPI. :wink:

Also, it really doesn’t matter what order you install them.