Recommended Player For My Burns

I think I need a new dvd player.

We have Philips DVPS-5140 and it will play any format but lately I have been having trouble getting some burns to play right in it. We’ll get freeze ups every so often.

I have updated firmware on the player, as well as my burner, the media I am using hasn’t been an issue in the past.

And the dics seem to play fine in a PC and on the pioneer tivo with dvdr that we have.

I’m thinking that its just the cheap player thats the issue.

What would you recommend for a stand alone player to playback dvd-r and dvd+r burns?

Certain brand? Certain model?

This is part of the same question you’ve asked in your other thread. You should just ahve kept to the single thread really.

See the other one.

The problems I am having were repeated elsewhere.

The question of what player is recommended by any of you is exclusive to this thread.

If any of you were going to buy a new dvd player today what would it be?

The goal would be problem-free playback of burned dvd-r and dvd+r movies.

Fair enough.