Recommended media

right…most of the problems ive had with my drive have come down to media…seems the nec is a bit twitchy as apossed to my old pioneer 104…so can all you guys recommend some media for me…cdr dvd- dvd+ and dvd9 that way i can get the right discs and really start to appreciate my burner…been a bit of a headache so far…thanks a lot and happy hunting…bristolbob

sorry…should have said im running an nec 3500ag…cheers


Search function doesn’t damage your input devices btw., and it won’t make you pregnant either. Hell, you won’t even have to itch your butt.

thankyou very much indeed…tried searching…but so hard to pin down the right page…thanks again…bristolbob

Yo bristolbob-

My experience - and backed up by several others is that the 3500 (of which I have two) tends to favor -R’s and is hit and miss on +R’s-

I have successfully used (listed in my preferences):

Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s
Ritek 8x -R’s
BeAll 4x -r’s

All with no coasters and 100% good burns-

I got $hit burns with my Prodisc 8x +R’s (have their 8x -R’s on order and will have in hand in a couple of days)-

Happy Burnin’