Recommended media for Pioneer Writers?



My friend has a pioneer DVD-Burner - (model unknown - maybe A04/A05/A06?) and I am going to buy media - which mediacodes do you experienced freaks recommend for this burner (since late-manufactured media burns poorly - this burner is in a (don’t laugh) mac … and he don’t think of risking an upgrade)?


Look at some Taiyo Yuden, RicohJPN (if possible) and may be a bit of Ritek.


Go for CMCMAGAE1 quality has improved loads recently and you dont get the faulty batches as you do with Ritek.


Check out some of my reviews here I have had some great results with the latest 16X media and the Pioneer 106 @ 4x speed


We use the Titanium disks (CMC dye, but don’t ask me the code :stuck_out_tongue: ) from Datawrite with the Pioneer 106 at work and they work fine.

We burn data backups to take off-site every Friday, using around 4 disks (depending on the current project) and so far (touch wood!) theres been NO faulty disks.


…forgot to mention that I updated the firmware too, although no idea if makes all that much difference. You could try talking your friend into at LEAST updating the firmware, if he really doesn’t want to upgrade the drive :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had good results on my Pioneer DVR-108 with Ritak Ridata 8X DVD-Rs. I’ve had problems before using very cheap media, wouldn’t play in my DVD player (PS2) but these purple Ridata discs seem to work well.


I had a Pioneer writer in an Acer Travelmate, only a 2x drive though.
Media to stay away from:
Princo (white top) “For Data/Video”
Sony DMR47N2 (2-4x compatible)
EMTEC (former BASF) “For General Use”

Media that worked near perfection:
Ritek G04 4x DVD-R (the ones with the purple top, but also the ones with the white top).
TDK DVD-R (don’t know the specs)
B.O.S. DVD-R 4x “For General” (media code seems to be Lead Data): Very cheap discs but they worked flawlessly in my writer.


Depends on how cheap you can get TY in AUS. :wink: Taiyo Yuden is definitely my recommendation.