Recommended media for NEC-2500a

Can anyone recommend good media with a link to newegg or rimax for a NEC-2500A?

I know absolutely nothing about dvd burning, which is why I am here, and would love some suggestions.

I keep reading about Taiyo Yuden but do not know if thats what I need or not.


The 2500 will perform very well with CMC, Prodisc, MCC, Ritek, Ricoh or TY. TY is always your best bet.

Or just run over to Best Buy this week and get some Fuji DVD+R (made in Japan) on sale for $20.


IMO - Ritek, TY, Verbatim and Maxell are your best bets - Ritek and TY can be gotten from and - today is the last day to get Verbatim 8x from for $30 shipped after $30 Mail In Rebate for 100 cakebox - a very good deal!!