Recommended media for GSA-4163B

I’ve decided to get one of these drives from SVP (in the UK) who have finaly decide to stock LG drives.
It seems like a good idea to stock up on media at the same time.
So guys based on your experience what +, - and RAM media gives the best results with this drive?

DVD+/-R from MCC (16x DVD+R burned at 12x) and TY (8x burned at 8x) give best results.
I only use DVD-RAM by Panasonic, those are the best ones. Verbatim also uses a Panasonic Dye.

I use Maxell 5x speed DVD-RAM discs, as I could not find any Panasonic ones. But this was a few months ago, so Panasonic may be more available.

I use Verbatim and Taiyo Tuden media most of the time.

I use the DataSafe DVD+R 8x off of SVP which is CMC/MCC03 which is a bit variable. Do not get any DataWrite or you’ll regret it!

I’m going to try Verbatim 16x as they seem to work quite well with this drive (from other peoples scans).