Recommended media for 8x burn on 2510?

I’ve just bought myself an 2510 drive, and would like to know what media I’m best off using with it for good quality 8x burns. So far, the only one I’ve tried is Ritek G05 die, which I know now was a bad idea (they burn at 4x but not 8x).

I don’t want to skimp too much and get crappy backups, but I don’t want to spend more than I need to either. I don’t really mind whether it’s +R or -R media. I’m in Belgium, so anywhere that delivers there would be a bonus. Are any of the discs at any good? What are people’s experience with the 8x Datawrite Greys (Fuji die)?

Help would be much appreciated. It just seems very hard to know how to pick media these days…

dvd-R tyG01 4x burn at 8x on stock 2.15 fw all my burns have been good with this media so far.

Not sure with the 2510. Prodisc S03 DVD-R 4x media burns beautifully at 8x on the 2500a. I’m not sure how advanced the firmwares are for the 2510 yet if it’ll support this or not.


I think 2510a fw 2.15 is based on 2500a 1.07 media list with DL added. So if it works on 2500a with 1.07 fw it will work on 2510a with 2.15 fw

Right… I might give those ProDiscs a go, but the Fuji 8x ones are only one quid more per tub of 25, so I’m quite tempted by those.

Does anyone know of any internet media stores in Belgium?

I’m Belgian too :). , ,
I usually get them at zwab or at a shop in the same street, in Antwerp there are 3 shops where you can buy cheap, good dvd’s. Funny, talking in English when we both speak Dutch… Ow and those Prodiscs aren’t that good in Europe, other kind of dye…

Right… well I’m considering getting these:

The die is 4x Maxell DVD+R, and they cost for 25 euros (for 25 discs). These are down on NEC’s as burning at 8x. Has anyone got any experience with these discs?

edit: or the Verbatim 4x DVD-R for 27 euros. Which one am I better off with?

edit2: or there’s some “Platinum dvd+r 8x” which is RICOHJPNR02 for 20 euros (this is also on NEC’s media list for 8x).


You might have some luck with those RICOHJPNR02, I only tested R01 and R00 (R00 was best). Verbatim is or TY or MCC and they are really good. But Maxell is also very good, the choice is yours. I would go for those Riteks R01 at (only 45Euro/100)

Right… thanks for the help. I think I’ll be going for 25 Verbatim 4x DVD-R and 25 of those Platinum ones (both from cdrwinkel). Thanks for the pointers for the shops. Hopefully they’ll be fine.