Recommended media for 708a



I have been having trouble with the latly with some dvd+r media

Verbatim MCC 03 datalife 43481 has been producing some very bad burns. In previous posts some people have recommended the datalife from verbatim but i’m not sure if they mean the 43481 or 43212/43213 as suggested by the link below.

The other problem is that 'm finding it very hard to source this media and the only DVD+R i can find that is suitable is the verbatim 43212/43213. however i need some reassurance that this is functional before i make the purchase.

I would also greatly appreciate if someone could tell me where to purchase any of the other recommended DVD+R? preferably in the uk.

there is also some successful media posted here which i am also interested in.

thank you


radish, you might want to check the bargain basement forum for a good online store in UK based on other cdfreaks experience.

Overall, Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD±R, MCC003 and RicohjpnR01 are excellent choice for 708A.


Firmware is the word: with people complaining about drives bought just 9 months ago, Plextor should have done or shall have to update the database of compatible media in 708’s firmware.
There is no reason for people keep saying 708 is picky about media…if this is true, something wrong goes on: did Plextor sell us a deffective device or the resident software is not up to the job of accepting the discs as it is supposed to do?


read the FW changelogs on…they do add new media to each subsequent firmware. not sure what you’re getting at here :confused:


Well, if you go to:
you can see that support for new media doesn’t show as a clear and direct reference for the last versions of the firmware…communication fault or no change to the “table”?
That’w what I would like to get here - a bit more information :bow:


just takes a little searching :wink:

Recommended Media

Compatible Media

the only issue is they list by Manufacturer Part #s / Reorder #s and not MIDs which is what most of us go by.


Y’re right … till the mom and after some initial search I don’t have problems with the media I’m using. The reason for my comment was only the information contained in Plextor’s changelogs as they could be more informative in this respect.


agreed :iagree:


so much for compatible media…plex drives have been going down in terms of compatibility. I’ve had 1210 plex for long now, and 708A quite recently, both drives worked well initially, with 1210 being more robust even now, 708A is so choosy, that it is simply refusing to read the same disks it was for last 8-9 months, wht with the firmware numbers increasing, the compat. is decreasing day by day!!!.

My Asus drive used to be so robust, it would read any cd i provided, but since plex 708a, I’ve been miserable, and to tlk of tech supp, its not worth mentioning.

I still have plex supplied verbatim cdrw which 708a refuses to oblige. wht to do with tht. (1210 still reads verbatim, thank god!!)


have you done any quality scans on your burns…especially the ones that can’t be read 8-9 months later?

not sure what your issue with tech support is…take a look at NEC, Lite-On, etc.


All MCC media is being burned flawlessly on PX-708A! Fact!


the dvd’s it aint reading are not burned but thy are movie disks, cldnt do quality scan, as it wont read the disks…

as far as burning goes, if it reads the cdrw disk(which it does sometimes, if i keep trying 10-15 times) thn it burns well.

yest itself I left the cdrw in drive and rebooted and reloaded the disk a few times and suddenly the drive was reading it, but no such luck with dvd’s.

now again its not reading the cdrw which i burned yest, whereas 1210 can.!!