Recommended LightScribe Media for DW1655?



I guess there’s really two questions here:

1. What LightScribe media has consistently good writes with the 1655?

I’ve been leaning towards the Verbatim’s.

2. What LightScribe media produces a label that isn’t “washed out”?

I’ve read that images burned on Memorex discs have a low-contrast, fuzzy look to them.

TIA for the replies.


Hi and welcome,

I recommend Verbatim LS media and you should try the EXTENDED LABEL CONTRAST UTILITY


The “image” on LS media will kinda “bleach out” on the light/sun, because it’s on top of the media…


I have purchased both HP 52X LS CDR on sale at Staples, 25 for $8.94 and Verbatim 52x LS CDR from, 30 for $19.50. They were both manufactured by CMC Magnetics. I got great looking, dark burns with my DW1655, BCDB firmware, and the Lightscribe driver. They take about 25 minutes for the “BEST” quality setting. I haven’t used the Extended Label Contrast Utility yet, I assume it probably takes even longer. I have also not tried any DVD media but you can’t go wrong with Verbatim.


I did the same thing as Icy Mt. The Verbatim’s I purchased took 24 minutes for a full burn @ best quality. The HP media (labeled as version 1.2) took 18 minutes for a full burn. LS quality appears the same. There were no revision numbers printed on the Verbatim media I tried (retail 10pack). I used same burner and FW and LS host software as Icy did.


So far, I have only used Verbatim LightScribe media for DVD(+/-R) and CD-R burning.

Seem to be OK.


My Vote would go to the Verbatim Lightscribe DVD+R’s.


I know that nobody will probably agree with me, but I have has enormous success with the HP 8x+ CMC MAG E01. Great scans and good labeling.


:iagree: I have great scans from this media @12x! Q.S. 97 on most burns using 1640 BSLB I trust this drive with lower quality media over the 1655,and very low PIE and PIF totals and (1) 99!! Litescribe labeling looks good too.
Just tried extended labeling contrast utility and the quality is much better but get ready for a long wait.
Verbatim 8x +r litescribe media MCC003 has been giving me some very good burns also.


I’ll agree with you Alan. I have great success with CMC Magnetics media (mostly what you get if you buy HP Branded CDR Media), both on my old HP400c and my new BenQ 1655. I also have good burns with Ritek/Ridata/RicohJPN on DVD. At the 8x Verbatim DVD+R LS are $1.15/ea in a 30 pack and the HP are $0.75/ea in a 30 pack. What do you want to bet that they both came from the same factory? Buy one of each and tell us how they work, won’t you? :flower:


How long? I’m getting ready to put out some new compilations for my friends and I’d like to know if the time difference is worth it. It takes 25 minutes for me to burn at “BEST” from either Nero or SureThing.


anyone ever had the problem where when they run the lightscribe program from and do all they say with the dw1655 and the verbatims. error message comes up saying I don’t have a lightscribe device.


I’ve had good luck with Verbatim #95091. I could always wish for darker and cheaper, though.

Sorry for this lame post. I am new to this and didn’t realize there were already so many replies. Thanks for all the great info.


Another Vote goes to Verbs.

Is there a way to reprint the lightscribe to make it darker, or was that only for labelflash?


If you saved the template then just stick the disc in and hit it again in LS mode. If you are current on updates then the contrast control is in the LS control panel.

If you have the original template or know exactly how the template was made then you can run LS as many times as you want to.


Thanks for the tip, couldn’t figure how to make it darker and didn’t know if the image would be automatically aligned to lightscribe again with the template. Gotta see if the 1655 lightscribe is darker than the Samsung S183L.