Recommended good cds for music

What is a good blank cd media to buy in the US,are the sonys at staples good or the Maxells at sams better for audio??

Well It depends where they are made. If it says Made In Japan then both the Sony and Maxell are very good quality. For good blanks look for the Made In Japan print since almost all CD-Rs made in Japan are Taiyo Yudens which are the best available.

Maxell sold outside japan seems to be mostly Daxon and Ritek. ANd on some occasions Maxell.
Sony for cd-r’s outside japan are mostly sony corp disc’s.
Which means disc’s made for sony according to sony specification.
These can be made by Daxon,Sony (Rare),Leaddata.

Good CDs for audio are the Maxell CD-R Pro, if I am not mistaken they have a protective coating…VERY LOW error rate and are genuine, quality Taiyo Yuden. Not to confuse with the regular Maxell CD-R, which IMO are not as good.

Or he could just avoid the confusion and order unbranded TY from :wink: