Recommended file sizes?


is there a suggested file size to make a dvd conversion??
like is there a suggested “limit” to make a dvd with menu of several clips,etc before pixelation occurs??
with older versions i was able to put several clips/etc before it went into pixelation hell but with this newer one ive tried several times with differant sizes and its occuring alot worse than before…
just wanted to see if theres a good size to keep things decent…


#1- The output is in direct relation with the quality of the input file.

If your input file is for example a DVDRip, the output will be of good quality.

I have a digital camera that generate small 320 x 240 videos, and I can convert them to DVD, but it viewable and that’s it, I don’t expect to see quality.

#2- On a DVD5, it’s expected to receive about 2 hours of video.

Some people went and put 4 hours on a DVD5 and they said it was still pretty good.

Putting 6 hours on a DVD5, then the quality took a big hit, from 4 to 6 hours.
Then again, I still assume those input files are good quality.

So I would say, anything less than 4 hours, you should be good.
And it’s a matter of personal taste too.
Some users are extremely picky on quality, then I would tell them 2 hours MAX.

My 2 cents…