Recommended External HDD?


which external HDD should i choose? Is WD My passport USB 3.0 2TB good idead? I have usb 2.0 in PC. Anyone has negative experience with my passport? I ask because i read, there was a possible data loss after driver update. Do i need install special software to other PC or it will find drivers itself.

I find in general that WD is easier to deal with than Seagate IF you should need to warranty the drive for any reason.

And while data loss is always a concern should a drive fail for ANY reason
you should never put yourself in a position where a single drive failure
can cost you any data that you really care about.

That being said the “My Passport” drives are intended to be "portable"
and they are generally built around what amounts to a “notebook” HDD

Generally speaking 3.5" drives are more reliable than 2.5" drives.
Also Generally speaking external drives built around 3.5" desktop drives,
like the WD “My Book” series tend to be less expensive than the more portable “passport” drives as well as more reliable.

Lastly if you really “NEED” 2TB you don’t want to buy a 2TB external
you need to buy a 3TB External.

Buying on-line the best prices are likely at Newegg, though recently I’ve seen
WD and Seagate Externals at competitive prices at my local Walmart.

2TB “My Book” at Newegg for $109

3TB “My Book” at Newegg for $139

$30 more for 50% more capacity.

Comparison shop before you buy.

Oh… one other thing the Seagate “Backup Plus” drives have included software that blocks some utility programs… for example I have a 2TB backup plus sitting here that is not “seen” by any of my Defragmenting programs.

Thanks for reply, i also thought about 3TB but it need external power supply. I prefer USB power supply. Problem is i dont know if USB 2.0 can provide enough power for 2TB HDD. Somewhere I read someone had problem copy large files (500 MB) due to not enough power from USB 2.0… but im not sure if its true.

Many newer computers can provide the required power for external drives over their USB ports. HOWEVER, this is not a guarantee. Also, there are horror stories about USB ports dying due to excessive current draw. With well-designed USB controllers & power regulation circuitry, you’ll just find that the drive simply doesn’t spin up. At that point, you’d probably have to use two USB ports just to get the power you need.

Using two ports means you’d have to use a Y-cable (likely supplied with the drive) that pulled power from one port, and used the other port for data & more power. That would likely circumvent the issue, but be aware that you’d lose an extra USB port. Should you have to use multiple USB ports, you could always get a powered USB hub…I’m not sure if that’s necessarily better than getting a drive that can run on either USB power alone or use its own power adapter.

There’s always a trade-off.
If reliability is absolutely the main concern, go with the external 3.5" drive with a separate power supply. If portability is the main wish, go with the 2.5" drive using bus power. You can’t have both, but the portable HDDs are generally pretty reliable as long as you don’t abuse or leave them running for extended periods.

The USB-2 specs call for 500mA power available at 5v for any USB port. Portable HDDs are also required to consume less power than 500mA at 5v (+/- 10%). That’s required in order to be considered compatible with USB-2. The issues arise when the port and HDD are both operating near the limits of those tolerances. Powering on is the largest power drain the HDD will present.
Most USB-2 ports are configured in pairs, with 1000mA being available to both ports combined, so running more than one powered device might sometimes cause issues. But in general they can provide abundant power for a portable HDD. This is more true now than ever before, as HDDs are consuming much less power.

IMHO, usb devices will always struggle in case of power consumption…
There are better & even faster alternatives. :wink:
eSATA, even Firewire or TB.

3TB “My Book” at Newegg for $139


After review i decided to buy WD MY Book 3TB from local shop, but Essential version was available only. Code on box is WDBACW0030HBK-EESN but there is not title “Essential” on HDD, only “My BOOK”. It seems like new “MY BOOK” wrapped in old paper BOX with old code.

Is there difference between Essential (DBACW0030HBK-EESN) and non Essential (WDBACW0030HBK-NESN) version?

The NESN isn’t a non-essential. The E and N before the -ESN just indicate different distribution channels–where the drive is being sold in the world.

The generic “My Book” name, without the word “Essential”, seems to be the 2013 equivalent of the older “My Book Essential” branding, with a few extra features. Any drives with more features than the standard My Book have a modifier on the name (My Book Live, Studio, etc), and may or may not match old WD product line names.

The new My Book (USB 2.0 + USB 3.0 support, other drive features not mentioned) does, however, seem to be a step up from the Elements (USB 2.0 only, no real features other than an aggressive idle timer), whereas the old My Book Essential was the most basic drive in WD’s lineup (USB 2.0 support only, no real features other than an aggressive idle timer independent of the computer) relative to the rest of the My Book line.