Recommended external enclosures for plextors?

Can anyone make a recommendation on a usb/fire enclosure for my 760a? i think i saw a post once about ebaying a rebadged and using that case but i cant find it ATM. thoughts?

If you want an enclosure that will support full speed for a 760A it’s best to get the Plextor case used for the 740/750/755UF and 716UFL.

I can tell you what NOT to get - a Prolific PL-3507 based enclosure. There is an incompability with such a setup when performing quality scans on CD media IIRC.

I had to move my PX-760A from such an enclosure to an older USB-only PL-2506 based enclosure (which doesn’t support flashing firmware :doh: ).

I think I also tried a Genesys GL811 enclosure that didn’t work properly, but I don’t remember the exact problem.

I am totally agree. The 708UF2, 712UF may work too. They look like 716UF.

I’d say the same, the Prolific 3507 makes problems with DAE. Currently I have a combination of GL811-04 (USB) and OX-911 (FW) in use with my PX-760A. Until today I did not find any problems.

I’ve a Premium2 and a PX-716 both working fine in cases with Prolific 3507. However an external USB to IDE adapter using Genesys Logic 811 (E04, i think) completely refuses to operate any UDMA4 Plextor drive (UDMA2 working fine). I found the patch on the mapower pages but it didn’t help. The Prolific chips worked with every drive i’ve thrown at them (Plextor, Liteon, LG) so far.


…my Premium II made problems with PL-3507 (FW connection), I had sometimes buffer underrun errors, even if buffer underrun proof was enabled. The same drive works very well with GL811E04 / Ox911 for USB + FW. My PX-716A also works fine with Prolific, but the PX-760A makes problems with DAE and Plextools. BTW. my Premium (I) also works with Prolific…

I wrote Prolific a few emails, but they never answered. I gave them very details problem descriptions, but they never respond to me :sad:

Since I have a small collection of bridge boards I’m able to change the chipset from Prolific to GLE811/Ox911 very fast. I have only the Mapower H51 case for all my external 5.25" drives.

By the way, what answered the Plextor Support you contacted in this post: posting

I using USB2 almost exclusively. I’ll do some testing with FW when i find the time.

I didn’t get a response (i didn’t really ask for one directly but put it as a bug report). Since we now have PTPXL 3.13 and FW 1.07 i think it’s time to give it another try :iagree:

I think it wasn’t the fault of the chipset. Maybe generally poor quality of that adapter. The Mapower patch is imho only for older GL811 version Rev.02 I think.

I use Mappower KC51 U2G with GL 811 Rev. 04 with a PX-755A and it works flawless.

I have also a NoName case with GL 811 04, that works with an old PX-708A but makes problems with every UDMA 4 drive I tried. So it`s not only the chipset.

Ok, I did some more investigating on my Prolific 3507 (FW 20 Apr. 2006) equiped enclosures (connected to Creative Audigy2 FW port or Intel ICH4 USB2 port).

DAE with Premium, Premium 2 and PX-716 works fine with both types of connections and all software.

PX-760 fails doing DAE both with PTPXL 3.13 and PTP 2.36 on both USB2 and FW (see screenshots below) but works just fine when doing DAE with Nero Soundtrax. With either PTP variant and FW connection a file is extracted but contains lots of distortion/crack/pops/etc. Interestingly enough using either PTP variants “Audio Player” function a perfect playback is achieved over both types of connections.

As originally reported here: i still think of this as a Plextools bug, not a PX-760 FW one. PX-760 is capable of delivering Audio-playback and thus should have not problem to deliver clean ripping data. Also third party software (Nero) is not affected and does DAE without problems.


Ok, after fiddling around with that USB to IDE adapter with Genesys-Chip i finally managed to get it to work with the PX-760. The chip is labelled “GL811E” and “[someserialnumber] E04” so i naturally tried to install the “04” patch from the mapower site. As it turns out the patch for the “02” variant of the chip they offer works, but not the 04-patch.

DAE with the PX-760 works with PTPXL 3.13 and this USB2 to IDE bridge.

[U]Addendum 2:[/U]

Ok, never mind the DAE-possibilities with PTP(XL) but GenesysLogic IMHO doesn’t beat Prolific when it comes to speed. It barely reaches 13x with USB2 (see below) whereas Prolific goes up to 16x and reaches even 14x with FW (see:

It depends also on the USB solution of your motherboard. Often the maximum transferrate possible is not much more than 20 MB/s. But maybe the Prolific produces less overhead and can make better use of the spare given bandwidth of your motherboard USB.

I have some similar experiences, with GL 811 I can read 16x with an NForce4 Ultra Board, but burning only up to 14x, than the buffer breaks down. So only 12x burning is possible. But with an LG E10L (Prolific) I can burn 16x. But I am sure you can also burn 16x with a Genesys on a more modern board with more USB bandwidth.

My Premium is in an exclosure which has an older version of the PL-3507 and simply doesn’t work with firewire. Scans just give constant errors and it easily locks up. Haven’t seen any obvious issues with USB and I’ve been testing with a lot of DAE over the last few days.

Note - the older rev. can’t be firmware updated.

I might try it in my spare enclosure which has a GL811-04 but I was going to put my new Premium2 in that, which I’ll probably do.

External USB2 to IDE/SATA Adapter (JMicron JM20337) on ICH4

DAE with PX-760 and PTPXL works.
Scanning works.
CDSpeed says 23MB/s Burst-Rate.


See other msg, The msg came out double so i edited it so you don’t see it twice. Old age kicking in!

Also if you want a Real heavy duty enclosure all metal with a 50w internal power suppy that will run that Plextor like butter go here:, They will build the enclosures custom also. But they are not cheap in the 60 -70 $ range. Whatever you do don’t buy those Galaxy plastic cases out on the market!. You can call these ppl and ask for Bob and he will put together custom cases. It’s up to you. There phone number is on web site. However i rate there enclosures better then Plextor’s originals. The enclosure with your drive in it wud weigh near 6.5 lbs. But there built like a tank PcBoard and all. Have a chipset that you would rather have just tell them and they will put a enclosure together with a chip set of your choice need be. Same day ship etc. Im 45 mins away so i get next day but have to pay tax. shit it is bloody sexy, so much want D:

This is the one i have

P.S. Only difference in mine is its custom built inside i don’t have USB 2.0 in mine because im using SATA/eSATA