Recommended external enclosure case for Seagate 200 gig hd?

I was thinking of getting a Seagate Ultra ATA 200 gig hd because the prices are pretty good after rebate. What would be the ideal enclosure to convert it to an external? I was looking at Newegg and saw a load of cases, but I’m not sure if their description of an “aluminum cooling” case is enough to make sure the drive doesn’t overheat without a cooling fan.

I occasionally read that some cases cause the Seagate and WD drives to crash.

The case have more in common than not. Some of the aluminum ones are designed to cool without a fan, but if you’re not running the drive more than short periods cooling isn’t an issue. If the drive will be on all the time, get a case with a fan, or go with a 5.25" case which will have a fan. A 5.25" case also has the benefit of being compatable with burners, and has enough air space in it for a HD to really stay cool.

Apart from that, the main consideration is firewire or USB2, or both. Dual-link cases are more expensive. Firewire has much higher throughput on sustained transfers than USB, and tends to be less troublesome.

As to chipsets, I believe the Prolific chipset has been more reliable than the Oxford.