Recommended DVD-RAM driver for ND-4571A?


can you please tell me which DVD-RAM driver works fine for my new ND-4571A with WinXP SP2? I bought this drive as bulk, and it came with absolutely no software at all.

Do you have a good recommendation for me?

Thanks in Advance.



Already comes with your OS.

Beside that, you could additionally use Panasonic RAM drivers.


the driver that comes with the OS only supports FAT and not UDF, right? I don’t want to use FAT on DVD-RAM for known reasons.

Panasonic would be a choice, or maybe BHE? What is the real difference between these drivers, and which do support the NEC?



BHA, you can use their drivers too.

FAT32 is good enough for most things on DVD-RAM.

I disagree since FAT32 does stress certain areas on the DVD-RAM, especially the sectors where the file allocation table is stored, more than others. Since these areas are rewritten permanently, these sectors will most likely fail before the others do. I have read that the disc usage with UDF is mor homogene. Or is that wrong?

No, it is correct. Also, FAT32 supports files up to 2 GB only while UDF also supports larger file sizes.

Normal, because FATx is old, NTFS is a greenhorn in comparison.

But for many small sized files, FAT32 is the better option…

The Ram Driver updater at BHA also updates the Panasonic driver I do believe they are the same driver.

chef, not really because as it was pointed out already, FAT32 stores the file allocation table in two sectors at the beginning of the partition. So, it is enough to do about 10.000 operations on the disc in order to corrupt those sectors on the RAM media.

BHA derives from Pana drivers+

Really? I don’t think so, and it was proved by some mags like C’t already.

But maybe they made some mistakes, or me, who knows.
In case you use UDF, the correct UDF version is important, BTW.

Don’t know where you got that from, but c’t for example states in their 8th edition (3.4.2006) on page 122:

“Windows XP formats DVD-RAMs without any need of additional drivers to FAT32. However, while this sounds useful first, it also has downsides. FAT32 stores the file allocation table on only two places. These regions have to be overwritten after each change which stresses the disc in those places leading to a longer access time. UDF however was especially designed for optical media and takes care that the disc is not stresses in particular places only. […]”

That’s normal for FATxx. But they published a bunch of articles related to that DVD-RAM drivers…

I have an unexpected problem that relates to the DVD Ram Driver software. I downloaded and installed DVD-RAM Driver Version = a few days ago. Unfortunately, I now have a situation that I cannot correct.

Every time I put in a DVD movie into my DVD Drive it is opened as if it a Data file. In order to get it to play I then have to double click on the movie file, usually the “VIDEO_TS.IFO” file and my default DVD player takes over. Before I installed the DVD Ram Driver everything was automatic.

By the way I have since uninstalled the DVD Ram Driver software but the situation continues.

Please advise as to how I can correct this situation.


simply reinstall your movie player software. This should fix the registry entries that vanished somehow. Oh, and if you want the DVD-RAM drivers, install them before you reinstall the player software.