Recommended drive for read&scanning

What brand and model would you recommend for CD/DVD reading and PI/PIF scanning? BENQ, LiteOn, etc.

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For a fast ripper and scanner DVD-ROM drive the best is:
AOpen DVD 1648/AAP Pro

What about DVD-R/RW drives? As I heard they’re much more reliable on PI/PIF quality scans :cool:

Get a BenQ 1620.
With ala42’s new “speed read patch” it rips right along side the fastest of them.
It has always been one of the best writers and gives you all the error scan tests.
BenQ allows overspeeding on a lot of media supported by the stock firmwares.

Do a little reading in the BenQ/Phillips forum.

You are right, if you want PI/PIF do not use a ROM drive. BenQ is a top choice for both scanning as well as ripping with the new patch, although I haven’t seen that it will go to 12X with DL media. Pioneer’s 109 also supports scanning with some programs and can also be rip free with cross patching the A09 firmware and has been tested to be as fast as the AOpen. If you really want only one drive and want scanning and ripping and writing quality, those two will do it. Possibly Plextor as well but some think it is overpriced and now it no longer includes the full version of Plextools so some users are understandably turned off by them. I also don’t think it will rip nearly as fast. If I had to choose only one, based on what I have read here and seen, I would go with Pioneer.

It doesn’t go to 12x it goes to 14.5x…

Well, based on reviews and other people’s opinions ive decided buying LG 4163B (or possibly wait for the 4165B) as a writing device, so I’m looking for a drive with “best” reading/scanning abilities to combine it with … might BENQ be the best choice…

Thanks. I wasn’t saying it didn’t rip well, I just was tired of looking for a confirmation and I was hesitant to confirm something I hadn’t seen. With BenQ’s error reading it should be a great ripper. It is closer to my Aopen’s 14.63X than I have ever seen.

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I have a Liteon 166S. It has hacked DB firmware that rips to 14x. Kinda noisy sometimes, but it kicks major booty.