Recommended best burner for bypassing "copy protection"?

Hey guys I’m about to buy a new burner to be able to take advantage of all the cool things alcohol can do.

What I’d like to find out is, if you could have any burner you wanted for the sole purpose of making backup copies, what is the most compatible / respected burner for this purpose right now, in your expert opinion?

I’ve done some searches but most of the chat is about DVD burners it seems, I haven’t found any good info on recommended CD R/W drives.

I want to be able to backup warcraft3, farcry, Star Wars Galaxies, all the latest games that I own, im tired of losing $50 to companies because of a $.50 CD that they refuse to replace and still complain about copy protection.

All these companies emphasize the fact that you are buying a LICENSE for copy-rite protected material and that you don’t own the information therefor cannot copy it. Well if this is so why do they not provide me with replacement CD’s when they become damaged, after all I own the LICENSE to one install correct? This is an obscene double standard that I despise.

Sorry for the tangent had to get that out of my system. Again any info on the best drive to backup my legitimately purchased titles would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks for the info guys this site rocks.

it really depends on which protection u want to beat, but a rule of thumb is that any lite on burner is top notch.

thanks booma for the info, would lite-on dvd burners burn safedisc cd’s well also?