Recommended BD-R DL for Pioneer


I’ve been using for year only Panasonic BD-R SL MEI-T02-001 and MEI-RA1-001 on my Plextor PX-B940SA crossflashed to Pioneer BDR-205, but now I need to start burning BD-R DL and I wanted to know which media is recommended for Pioneer burners (although my Plextor is wrinting ok, it’s starting to give me problems while reading some BD-R which are read ok in all other drives I have, so I may buy soon a Pioneer BDR-209EBK or BDR-S09XLT to replace it).

I also Panasonic the best bet for BD-R DL or are there other brands equal or better than them for less price (I have to buy Panasonic from Japan, but other brands are available from Amazon here in Spain)?


The BDR-205 is a pretty ancient drive as regards firmware media support.
When it was current (9 years ago) the recommended media list looked like this:

Do you know if all TDK and Verbatim BD-R DL are indeed made by their own and the mediacode will match with these, or it’s the same as with BD-R SL and they also use discs from other manufacturers and it’s impossible to know what you will get until you check them yourself when you’ve bought them?