Recommended Audio CD Ripping Drive

Hello, I am new to this forum and would like to know what CD drive would be recommended, or best for ripping audio CD’s.

I have searched these forums and read somewhere that the Plextor Premium was the best, but isn’t available anymore. What other drive’s would be closest (in audio ripping performance/quality) to the Premium, or better? Just for audio CD’s in general.

Also what drive would be recommended for burning an audio CD for the highest quality.

Definite answer: Plextor UltraPlex 40 :-). It’s the best device ever, but you’ll need a scsi card. The Plexwriter Premium should be next in line.

Plex Premium+EAC (Exact Audio Copy). Make sure you have it reaidng on secure mode (in drive settings). Thats about as good as audio ripping gets. eBay has Plex Premiums.

Nobody in his right mind should use EAC when he can use Plextools.

Thanks, but I still don’t know wich drive would be best for burning the audio CD.
(If it doen’t matter its OK)


If you have a Plextor drive, then you get to use PlexTools, which works as well as, if not better than, EAC.

I have an Ultraplex 40. But I’ve to buy another drive for a second PC.
Which drive would you buy (either cd or dvd reader… but for audio) among other actual brands if you can’t find any plextor around?

Thank you

well, i’ve got a plextor premium. i must admint that my look at the plextools only was 5 minutes or so, then i removed them… :wink:
but i’m very happy with the results of EAC, and at least with EAC i KNOW that i can trust it. i don’t know which methods of reading the plextools use. and i don’t know if the plextools are as comfortable as EAC when it comes to encoding, entering CD information and so on…

i’m glad with EAC… :slight_smile:

You don’t KNOW how EAC works, at best you read what the author said
about how it works. If you KNEW something about EAC and Plextools methods
of reading, you would not be so happy to say you uninstalled Plextools.

i never said that i KNOW how it WORKS.
i said that i trust EAC 100%, as i am using it for years now and not a single audio rip had any kind of error after reading. you know, if a program satisfies all my needs, why should i go and try another one?

could plextools work with drives different than plextor?

thank you

They do, but only on a general basis, not with the genuine features. If you want to test your audio-ripping software, rip a track to three or four different files and compare them. The results of the PlexTools will be identical with Plextor drives. I haven’t come across any other software that can do this even with Plextor drives.

You said you KNOW that you can trust it, but now it seems your confidence
is based on your experience rather than actual knowledge. To KNOW if you
can trust EAC you would have to study how it works, and then you would
be more cautious with your claims.

what’s your problem with me?

that’s something I have been wondering about, too, Wheeliez. A Plextor drive with Plextools or a BenQ 1655 or LG GSA 4167B with EAC?

Judging from experience as a proud Plextor user, I’d prefer PlexPlex :-), but generally speaking: If you don’t hear a difference, everything is fine. And believe me, you won’t with any drive and any software.

Same problem you have with basic logic / english language.

you argue on a very low level, spath!
you try to offense me because i don’t support your opinion and because i don’t natively speak english?! :clap: you’re a true hero!
go and play with your toes!

@Razor1982: That takes toes and the knowledge how to play with them :slight_smile: