Recommended Audio CD Burning Software


My Plextor PX760 drive died two years ago and thinking, perhaps foolishly, that most burner drives give essentially equal audio read and write performance-and because I hardly ever burn to disc-I used my Sony card points to buy this drive.

Little did I imagine that, at least according to this review, its pressed audio CD read, extraction and CD-R and CD-RW burning performance seems questionable. Speed is not nearly as important as accuracy, and the review said that the drive did not create any errors. But what are the lead in and lead out sections of a CD? And how could the drive read the lead in but fail to read the lead out?

I use Exact Audio Copy for ripping CD audio tracks. Usually, I simply save them as uncompressed WAV files and play them through my DAC and out to my speakers. But I do need to burn some WAV and mp3 files to CD-R and/or CD-RW as CD tracks for someone’s standalone player to audition his speakers. Someone said that EAC can burn the files onto CD-R as CD tracks but that the process is not as simple and/or as error free as dedicated burning software.

Please suggest software for audio CD burning which in your experience has proven to be error-free and easy to use.

Also, is it true that most standalone CD players will frequently not play audio CD tracks burned to CD-RW discs, even though the player’s owners manual claims compatibility? If yes, what is the usual reason (s) for this?


Burrrn is one option free and it works but it only does audio cds, you can always use IMGBurn, but I think that its a little more complicated when it comes to audio burning, but it has a lot of features.
You can also try another free and portable tool called CDRTFE again you might need a little time to learn it but its free, its also portable and i never had any issues with it, it can also do a lot of things.

If you want to pay nero was the one that I used, but you can do the same with free tools, there are also other programs that will do the job but that the one that I ma using and they all work.

I also believe that windows media player can burn audio cds, and also Foobar2000 with the correct plug-in, but you don’t have that much control over the speed, or CD-Text.