Recommended Apple Iphone/Ipad apps

As follow-up to THIS THREAD ,I want to know and learn about everyone’s Apple apps…

A few on my Ipad:
GoodReader----a great filemanagement app
CamScanner—use your device as a mobile scanner
Measures HD–for conversions between several formats
QuickOffice—what’s in a name???:bigsmile:
Sticky Password—obvious,pasword manager…:wink:
Notability----note taking app;works great!
Vitual Firefox Browser—wanna browse activeX sites or java embedded pages?Then this 1 is the 1 to get…:wink:

Keeper - password manager.
MemStatus - memory manager.
Netstat - shows the communication status of your phone (ports etc.).
RulePlus - simple, but useful ruler.
Worlsd Facts - World Factbook.
WordWeb - English Dictionary and Thesaurus.
MyDiary - diary.
Safe Notes - note taking.
Balance - bank accounts managing, expenditures etc. (Very simple, but effective).
IOU UOI - simple app to keep track of your borrowing and lending.
mGifts - to manage gifts for events etc.
World Map - a simple, but useful world map.