Recommended 4 DVD recorders for specific tasks?

I need 4 different ones:

  1. Best quality reliable DVD recorder for mostly VERBATIM media (DVD±R,RW,DL)?
    burning ~ 500 disks/month

  2. Best reader for scratched, old or damaged CD, DVD media

  3. Reliable (if possible) DVD recorder for cheap media daily backups

  4. Most silent one (with ability to set slow reading speed via firmware like plextors silentmode) for fully passive htpc. Only reading quality is important here.

Price is not important, but less is better :slight_smile:

  1. Most reliable? I don’t consider any of the consumer drives on the market today as especially reliable, so I would combine 1 and 3 to get two drives of good quality hoping that they don’t fail simultaneously.

This could be a LiteOn drive or an LG drive, although I don’t have personal experience with LG drives but LG owners seem to like them.

  1. LiteOn drive (from personal experience), others mention Samsung drives. A test I saw a while ago had the BenQ DW1670 as the best reader, but it may be hard to find and I don’t have personal experience with this drive.

  2. See 1.

  3. Why not a Plextor PX-760/755 drive with Silent mode? :wink:

If you actually want 1+2+3 in the same PC as three separate drives, I would choose different models and/or brands to get maximum flexibility.

  1. LG
  2. LiteOn (preferably not the newer 1P series… look for 6S or 5S)
  3. LG
  4. Plextor? :wink: Actually all drives can be slowed with Nero DriveSpeed.

Just my personal preference, based on the drives that I own. :slight_smile:

Actually, not all drives can have their DVD reading speed controlled by Nero DriveSpeed. :disagree:

I can name Plextor drives as an example, but they can OTOH be controlled with Silent Mode instead. There are other drives also, but I don’t want to name any without double-checking.

Best burner: Pioneer 111

Best burner for Verbatim -R: LG

Best burner for Verbatim +RW: NEC 3520, possibly the 4570 if never needed for anything else.

  1. LG.

  2. LiteOn or Samsung.

  3. LiteOn.

  4. Can’t answer this one, noise/silence isn’t a priority for me.

Oh, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

1.) LG, e.g. the LG GSA-H22N (especially Verbatim DVD+R media, including DL).

2.) LiteOn (most newer models should do fine).

3.) BenQ 1640/1650/1655 (if you can still find one) or Pioneer 111. These drives support a large variety of media well, including cheaper less reputable stuff.

4.) LG (GSA-H22N again, but all of the newer models should do fine).

One thing about LG drives that I have/have owned: in my experience, they do not like cheap/crap media.

As usual, others’ opinions may differ though :iagree:

I haven’t used it much, and have not taken a closer look. Sorry for that :o

Keep in mind that for example Pioneer drives are also very good when it comes to burn quality. [B]Arachne[/B] really likes her Samsung.
I wouldn’t class the consumer drives as extremely reliable but there are quite a few unreliable brands like BTC/Emprex (do they still exist?), and some drive models (my Litey just sucks with the LV4D firmware, but I don’t want to miss all the nice stuff… where is LS0Z? :a).

But for 4., LG is indeed good too… even at 16x, they’re not loud at all (if compared to LiteOn…)

No need to be sorry, I said other people’s opinions might differ :flower:…and you’re right, for quality burns, I do like my Sammy, but I haven’t had it long :wink:

Hehe yeah, my local PC World is full of the things.

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Emprex latest 18x DVDRW seems to be a rebadged Optiarc drive… :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks everyone
Now I own brand new plextor, lg and pioneer :slight_smile: