Recommended 2nd burner

Been almost a year since I last posted here. Then it was to determine which DVD burner I should get. Bought a 4163 and have been very happy with it ever since. It handles Verbatim DVD-R 8x beautifully. I’ve never had a coaster or an unplayable DVD.

Back then, two other recommended burners were Liteon & BenQ. Mostly because of the low price and ability to do quality scans which the LG could not. (Also think the Liteon did not have a limit to its rip speed. Memory may be wrong.)

Well my trusty Liteon 52X CD burner appears to have died. (R.I.P.) :sad:

So now I’m in the market for a new drive and was thinking of getting a 2nd DVD burner.

Those of you LG owners who have second DVD burners, which do you have? Is BenQ still one of the better ones? Saw comments in that forum to avoid the DQ60 model.

My old 52x Liteon was amazing. But it seems that their combo drives aren’t as good with CDs as their straight CD burner drives.

Appreciate any and all comments and suggestions.


Yes, BenQ is still recommended. I have a DW1640 which very nicely complements my 4163B. It does quality scanning and FE/TE scanning which allows me some the ability to check the quality of blank media before I burn it. It has good quality burns and the ability to overspeed discs like crazy. The 1640 might currently be out of stock, but the newer 1650/1655(has lightscribe) should do nicely.

The DQ60 uses a different chipset (Panasonic) from BenQ’s normal drives (Philips Nexperia). From what I have seen, it does not have good burn quality. Most Panasonic chip based writers are like that. The only exception being the LG GSA-4166B. I believe the DQ60 will not do quality scans either. I would avoid that drive too.

BenQ is definetley a drive that will compliment your LG. I have a 4167b and a BenQ 1620 which im very happy with. If you want to go for a BenQ then a 1650 or 1655 would be an excellent choice.

Like you, I have a 4163, and I find my LiteOn 1693S complements it well. With Codeguys’ KC4B firmware, the Litey is also an excellent burner, and very forgiving on discs that my 4163 won’t read/burn (usually cheaper media…I find the 4163 likes to be fed quality stuff). :slight_smile:

If you burn lots of CDs & quality of burns on these is important then I’d get another Liteon 52X.
I’ve an LG4163B & Benq 1620 which both burn CDs well but not quite as good as my old Liteon 32x burner.
Otherwise all the above suggestions are well worth considering.