Recommended 2510A Firmware

Hello everyone,

I’ve spent ages reading up on all the different firmware’s for my NEC 2510A but still find myself unable to make a definitive choice on which firmware to apply. It seems as though some firmwares are better than others depending on the media… so it’s almost impossible to determine which one I should be using. Basically, I’m not particularly bothered about riplock and rpc. Some modified/quicker burn strategies would be nice, but isn’t essential.

Most importantly I just want SL/DL bitsetting and good, reliable burns.

I’m lead to believe that I can use:

Herrie’s 107v2b5
DVDBoost’s HP520A221
TDB’s 2510_2F7

Given my needs, can anybody recommend which one I’m best off using? I can’t make head nor tail of all those surface scans and graphs…

Many thanks for your time.


PS - I can’t use the 3500’s 2.17 firmware either, right?

Herrie’s 2.16 works great for me.

For the moment I am using TDB 2510-2F7 because some of the writing strategy’s are better (for me especially Princo and RitekR02) and it has bitsetting.

Try the MadDog 2.F7 firmware (has SL Bitsetting) and post your results. We need more guinea pigs!!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Herrie’s 2.16 doesn’t support SL bitsetting, right?

It’s SL bitsetting I need most of all…

So NEC 2510 (MadDog) 2.F7 at is for you.

what about the oem version of the drive?

Does the 3500 firmware work?

No. Don’t try it.