As the title suggests, I’d like some opinions and suggestions.
I NEED to find the right combination of software/hardware to create primarily DVD photo slideshows that will be compatible with as many set top DVD players as possible. Some options I know of are like Roxio Media Creator, Nero, ProShow Gold, etc. Any software suggestions?
What DVD burner (using Taiyo Yuden -R media) will burn the best disks? (and yes, I know to burn at the lowest supported speed). As I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong) not all burners are equal, so that one brand of media burnt on drive-x will be more compatible than same media burnt on drive-y and so on. So basically, my requirements are:

  • Set-top compatibility (priority)
  • Nice looking DVD menus
  • Somewhat easy to use
  • Program should support multiple file formats(.JPG, .GIF, as well as video like .MOV and .MPG)
  • A nice feature would be the the option to include the original photos in the show on the disc

Your thoughts and comment would be very appreciated!! Thank you!!!


Burning at the lowest supported speed is a persistent myth. The speed you burn at depends on how well your burner/firmware gets on with that media. :slight_smile:

Generally, I tend to burn 8x media at 8x, and 16x media at 8x or 12x - this is my personal preference, and I rarely get coasters or playback problems.

Most burners will support TY very nicely. I find the LiteOn burners I’ve had have burned -R better than the other burners I have, but others have reported LiteOn preferring +R, so I guess I could be in the minority there.

As for software, I’ve never done what you’re planning, so I can’t help there. :slight_smile:


I agree with Arachne on the media and burn speeds! As for photo slide show software, only one I’ve seen recommended is ProShow Gold, and I read about it at I believe there were a few other recommended ones. You might jump over there, and do a search on photo slide show.


Thanks for the info…I had always heard about the slowest supported speed but didn’t realize it was only a myth.
Thanks for the link to video help as well, some useful info to be sure.

Anyone else with suggestions??


Pinnacle Studio is a really fun program for making your own video’s. There are plenty of options and the software is fairly easy to use. I found this program to be an excellent starter program for learning the workings of video in general. Alot of the other software out there is easier to understand if you get a grasp of the basics.


Hi, have a look at VSO PhotoDVD. I’ve used it with success,also allows audio track to play during slideshow.