Recommendations wanted

Thanks to all for the responses to my Nero 6 problems. I’ve tried everything and the program still won’t run like it used to - in fact, won’t run at all.

SO…I’d like to ask for recommendations for a replacement program or programs to use in place of Nero.

The video camera that I use is all digital, records everything on an SD card, and records in MPEG-4 format.

I’ll need to recode those videos to a DVD-compatible format, and then burn the DVD’s. (BTW, the videos are of vacations, trips, birthdays, etc., so I’ll need to edit as well prior to burning).

I’ve primarily used Nero so I have no idea what else is out there. I did try a different program prior to purchasing Nero a year or two ago, but I ended up with audio sync problems, which is why I went to Nero. I don’t recall which program it was. I never had any problems with Nero until recently (see previous post) but these problems are apparently unresolvable.

Any suggestions appreciated!! Thanks…