Recommendations? Studio/Roxio/WinAVI


Trying to convert captured VHS files to DVD. When I use Pinnacle Studio or Roxio Version 7, the DVDs I burn have numerous skips and stutters in the audio and video.

I downloaded the free version of WinAVI. After converting the MPEG to DVD files on my hard drive, I then use Roxio to copy the DVD files from the hard drive to the DVD. These are much better but still have several audio skips. (But if I use PowerDVD to view the hard drive files, they play fine.)

Any suggestions for other software to try or other suggestions?



My system:

ibuypower brand PC
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
Asus A7N8X-X motherboard
1024 MB RAM
Nvidia nForce2 chipset (secondary dual channel IDE drivers rolled back to generic MS drivers)
Nvidia GeForce FX5500 256MB video
160GB hard drive
160 GB Maxtor external firewire hard drive
Win XP SP2
Pioneer DVR-A08X burner
Generic DVD-ROM


This may sound stupid, but did you check your source (the captured, not converted video) for skips? Thing is that capturing can be quite heavy when done wrong. This results in lost frames, which implies skipping video.

For converting any format to MPEG2 I really advise Cinema Craft Encoder. I know it costs about $60 for the cheapest (but still very very good) version, but it’s worth the money. Of course, if you source isn’t any good, a codec can’t fix this issue.

Dee-ehn (or anyone else reading)

I captured to MPEG files, and they seem to play OK in that format. I used Studio Moviebox USB, and it didn’t indicate any dropped frames when capturing. I copied the files to a data DVD-R, and they played fine on a second PC.

I found the website for Cinema Craft, and it looks as if they have a trial version. Sorry to be such a newb, but it looks from the website that it encodes to MPEG-2 format. Will CCE burn to disc, or will I need a separate program to burn to DVD? (If this is a very common question, if someone could point out a link to a FAQ covering this, I’d appreciate it.)

Thanks for your help.