Recommendations on SOHW-1653S

I’m upgrading to a DVD burner finally and would like to know what peoples experiences have been with the SOHW-1653s, as I’m thinking of buying this model, as it had the 4x dual layer burning and I’ve used Liteon for the last view years and found their CD burners very good. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a comprehensive review on this drive.

I’ll be using the drive for data storage, DVD movie ripping and some dual-layer burning eventually (when I can source this media at a reasonable price).

Does this drive handle all makes of media well?

Multi-regioning the drive should not be a problem with the tools around, but I’m wondering if it is easy or if there is a firmware hack to overcome the ripping speed (which I think is restricted to 1x or 2x)?

If people don’t like this drive, what would they recommend? I would like to buy a drive that does DL at 4x.



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Welcome:). Try reading Which 16x DVD writer should I buy?

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That is an informative link. Copy protection measures annoy the hell out of me (I have DVDs from just about every region) and want to backup my collection, which I feel is my right to protect my chattels.

Seems Liteon’s main advantage is over coming copy protection and region settings, but it is let down in burn quality. Least though, the latter seems to be overcome by slow burning.

Is there a central depository for Liteon firmware hacks and region freeing tools?



Read the sticky threads. Also on signatures of the moderators here. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t subscribe the statement that the 1653S offers bad burning quality at high speed!

You’d rather say it seems to be picky about which media to use. That has been stated elsewhere, too.

My latest burn at 16x on Verbatim 16x/MMC 004 printable surface media gave me excelent results. Burn finished in about 6 Minutes for a full disc of video (if I remember right). The burned DVD was even printed on the other side with a Canon I865 prior to burning.

Reading results are great, and reading the disc at omnipatched 12x instead of the stock 8x seems to work without flaws as well.

Tomorrow I will try to burn a Verbatim 8x/MMC 003 at 12x and 16x and let you know the results. Burning it at 8x gave me excelent results, even at 12x reading speed everything looks great!

Even on a cheapest no-name 4x media (even manufacturer unkown) it burned flawless at 4x and let’s me read the media upto 10x. It surely looks far worse than the Verbatim and has some serious problems when reading at higher speed, but it’s still within the specifications of what a good burn is (PI max<=280, PIF max<=4).

Maybe I’ll try to burn those at 8x, too. But I don’t expect any great results.

If you want to Dup Copy Protection Disc, Go LiteOn like 1633s 1653s.
Strong community; hacked firmwares that allow for limited amounts of overspeeding…

If not, Benq 1620 is also a good choice…

Anyway, I pick a LiteOn 1633 few days ago…

Thanks for the burning info tm101, look forward to hearing about other burning results.

Talon88, I hear ya, strong community and firmware hacks will be important for me to back up my DVDs (I travel a lot and take DVDs away with me - always a chance of them being stolen or damage, so I the future I want to travel with copies).

Speaking of travel, I’m currently in the UK and waiting to return home to Australia. A small present after my holiday is a DVD burner and GPU upgrade. My local IT shops has the 1653s in stock and it looks like I’ll pick this drive up shortly after I return home.

What is the best download site/page for Liton DVD firmware hacks and region tools?


Following, Have all you need in 1 place…!

8x MMC003/Verbatim media doesn’t seem to be burnable at 16x. I tried two strategies. One (MMC004) resulted in problems in the first third of the disc. The other (MMC003) resulted in problems in the last third.

Actually a mixure of those two strategies should result in a disc reading perfectly at the beginning and the end, but I don’t know which one that would be. Maybe I should retry the MMC004 strategy, since the error seems to be in the area when the burning process nearly suffered a buffer underrun due to heavy harddisc usage.

I will get me some more of those media and try 12x. Nero even offers 14x, maybe I will try that, too. But it could become a bit too expensive by time.

tm101 to test burnt DVDs, what progy u using?

KProbe2 at 4x for PI/PIF and Nero CD_DVD-Speed for transfer rate (looking if the graph goes up linear or has some breaking point, where speed slows down).

Didn’t use the quality test feature of Nero yet, but used the Scandisk feature to see if surface/filesystem errors are found.

You can find the results of my good 16x and 8x burns here:

I have just done a Nero quality check and it looks quite similiar to KProbe’s results.

Actually I have to mention that burning the 8x MMC003 at 16x with MMC003 strategy did not result in a burn within specifications, BUT it is completely readable (though speeds drops down at some point, then building up again).