Recommendations on overspeeing ricohjpnr02?



I just brought a batch of RICOHJPNR02 media and they are nicely burning away with consistently good (i know this is a rarity) results on my 1633s@1353s CS03. I want to know whether anyone has recommendations on write strats and speed settings to get the best of this media - can we go all the way to 16x?


Can you show us the scans of your results. :slight_smile:


Sorry - my mistake - the firmware is CS02 (to clear any confusion) - sorry for not changing this earlier. Anyway, here is my scan of a RICOHJPNR02 using the RICOHJPNR02 strategy at 8x (no overspeeding yet)


That really is an amazing scan of R02, especially using a 1633S@1653S. I think you have a very good drive. :slight_smile:

BTW, I think you’ll have to tell us if that media will go to 16x. :wink:


I’m on it … well - i am at school right now … will try as soon as possible :slight_smile: seriously hope it will go at least 12x…


That’s about how my R01@R02@8x looks.

@12x for R01@R02 coastered for me… dunno if using true R02 media instead of R01 would’ve helped with that.


Looks like my super-drive is not so super after all :slight_smile: … well - after I got home, I omnipatched (thanks c0deking) the drive and increased the write speed for RICOHJPNR02 write strategy to 16x, 12x, 8x, 6x, 4x. I know I shouldn’t have done this, but I decided to take the plunge and write one at 16x firstoff knowing that it wasn’t likely gonna work.

After 6:30min it FINISHED WITHOUT ERROR! :slight_smile: No coaster, but an equivalent nonetheless. Attached is scans with my 1653s and my 166s (ROM). Luckily enough the errors are high, but no read errors occured copying back - just slow speeds towards the end. One of the graphs have been scaled down so you can see the error rate clearer before it escalates into gigantic proportions.

Maybe I should try a lower speed like 12x or so. I guess I learnt the lesson that a write strategy usually does not perform well at speeds faster than created.

One thing I noticed was I could choose to write at 14x but omnipatcher has NO TICK BOX FOR THAT SPEED … can I ask why?


Here are images of the scans for a RICOHJPNR02 burned at 12x using the RICOHJPNR02 strategy. This still doesn’t seem to produce too good a result, but is still readable yet again … maybe RICOHJPNR03 may be a better strat … will test soon


It look like what they say about the 3S drives is still true. They are good 8x drives. In saying that, this media is being overclocked past it’s rated speed, so it’s a bit unfair to rubbish the drive. :wink:

Thanks for sharing the results. :slight_smile:


I think it’s just a write strategy thing, after closer inspection, the two mountains and valleys are at the end of the 12x burn, and are closer to the middle of the 16x burn … so maybe the laser power output is incorrect to produce a sharp pit/land on this media and the power seems to weaken to the outside - burns are less dark


Yes, I agree that we should stop blaming the drive for such things because we are overspeeding, but today, I got a reasonable result. This was achieved at 16x burn using the RICOHJPNR03 strategy (replacement via omnipatch) and it turned out to be what I call a CMC result. It is still better than some of the worst princo I’ve seen and it will play on all of the 6 DVD-Players we have (not that I would recommend burning 16x because quality is sacrificed). This is still using the 1653s firmware :). I think 12x will definitely produce a result of about PI <40 (read my previous post to see why - it’s an assumption). I classify this as some sort of success because it is burning twice the rated speed. Yet again, there is a K-Probe as well as a speed scan from a JLMS-XJ-166s DS1c patched for 16x read for all media and 10x for Dual Layer. Hope this helps someone - and if anyone has tried it - please post here!


Last post I will be making unless something else is discovered. This is RICOHJPNR02@RICOHJPNR03 12x - seems like K-Probe and Read Speed do not agree, but it seems acceptable up to the 8x region, then jumps as before … don’t think it is possible to be faster than 8x without this happening but read curve is acceptable still…


btw - heres an update - i used CS02 and MCC004 strat at 16x - slightly better results