Recommendations on CD and DVD copying software


Looking for all-around CD/DVD copy + label software.

My two kids love to tote around (and eventually destroy) their CD and DVDs. I am now in the habit of making backup copies as soon as I purchase them and hide the originals. I am currently using three different software packages to do this: DVD-Cloner IV (DVD copying), Sonic RecordNow! (CD copying unfortunately this is on my business laptop and I don’t have a personal license for my home computer) and MediaFACE (label creation; for use with the Fellowes printing labels).

I would love to have one program that does all these. I read the reviews on TopTenREVIEWS and am not sure if programs like Roxio Easy Media Creater can handle encrypted (retail) DVD copying. I am not interested in any of the other features associated with burning software, i.e., I don’t need to burn CD from my own data or photo files, I don’t need to convert, etc. I just want to make a legal copy for backup purposes.

Any advice? I’m willing to buy software if I know it is what I need or should I just stick to using the three programs I already have.


No burning package(Nero, Roxio, Sonic, etc…) is gonna handle encrypted DVDs due to legalities. You could use one package for the burning and labeling though. You might be able to use a background decryption program though, so it’d be like using only one program.

spikedesmith, DVDFAB Platinum is one program that will do it all, you can download it and use a full operating copy for 30 days to try it out, also they update more than any other program out there, also they have a very good forum DVDFAB/Region Free CSS there are a lot of people there with good knowledge

Thanks for the information; I think that DVDFab is the same software as DVD Cloner - it’s for a source DVD. I don’t think these DVD burning programs are meant to handle CD as source (although they can copy to a target CD).

I am beginning to believe what was implied by chaosoffar2k, the big burning packages don’t want to bother with legalities and you’re left having to buy special DVD burning programs like DVDFab or DVD Cloner if you want to make backup copies of encrypted DVDs.

Please let me know if I’m missing something obvious.

Thanks again,

DVDFAB Decrypter is a free program but you have to have DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter to burn movies, all are FREE, your run all 3 in series and it doesn’t take that long

RipIt4Me+DVD Shrink+ImgBurn would be my suggestion for DVDs. All do a great job and are free.

Well give slysoft a try they have 21 day trials on their program…
Anydvd to decrypt the protection and Clonedvd to burn the duplicate or clonecd to make a 1:1 duplicate. But what kind of CD and DVD media are you referring to the game or movie or application?

Hi spikedesmith
DVDFab is [B]not[/B] the same software as DVD Cloner :doh:

Hi spikedesmith, instead of going through all those programs just to burn a movie, Look at a 1 step program to do it all plus lots of other stuff and that is DVDFAB Platium and besides it doesn’t cost much considering what all you can do with that program, and try it for 30 days and see how you like it, it’s a one time fee with lifetime upgrades not like some programs that want you to pay every year or two.

Hi all,

Thanks for your input and thanks for bearing with me; I didn’t claim to be that bright :slight_smile:

I’m still a bit confused. My goal is to find a program that makes copies of DVD (my kids Disney movies) and Audio CDs (my kids Wiggles CDs) and hopefully helps create labels.

I see there are two general classes of software: 1) DVD copying software like DVDFab and DVD Cloner which work great for copying encoded DVDs and 2) CD Burning software, like Roxio Easy Media Creator and Nero, which work great for making copies of CDs. But it appears that there is no one package to provide both functions. Am I missing something basic? I think I am going to have to stick with the two packages I am using to provide both functions.

Once again thanks for all your feedback.

  1. Copy protection…you have to use something to deal with that: Anydvd …it just runs in the background so you can ignore it…you won´t even know it´s there.
  2. DVDs and CDs can be backed up with Nero

Nero does quite a lot of other things too, and may seem complicated at first, but as you say you just need basic back-up functions…once you´ve mastered that you should only need 2 or 3 clicks and the job is done.

Dear all,

We do concern HD-DVD and Blu-ray decryption, a new beta version of DVDFab will add support for HD-DVD, and Blu-ray support will be added soon too. More details will be available when it’s out, please wait.