Recommendations on a online store for dvd media?



Looking for the cheapest shop that offers Taiyo Yunden :slight_smile:


it would help if said what country your buying from :iagree:


heh usa :slight_smile: i’ll add location to profile


then have a look here theres plenty of places to buy in the states but as i dont live there i cant say which is best, but have a sqwizz over that link and i`am sure someone over your way will post a good place to buy.


In order of preferrence:,,,,,, and I would recommend Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim. Don’t buy meritline’s “high quality”. It is fake TY.


if your in NYC, just head over to Best Buy in Chelsea or the upper east side or Circuit City in Union Sq or upper east side…

make sure you look for 8X DVD+R that’s Made in Japan (crucial if you want TY)…it can be under the Fuji, TDK and/or Sony brand…

there are sales often (check the bargain basement section here at CDF) that’ll bring the prices down to be competitive with purchasing online…