Recommendations of simple databases

Hi All

I’m looking for a MS Access alternative for databases but I’m only interested in ones which only do simple (I think that’s the term) databases and not hierarchial and/or relational databases. Does anyone use such a software and if so what do you recommend?

So far I have only heard of Viewpoint as I used this when I was at school many years ago, when it was called DataPower on the Acorn platform. Very nifty programme I thought at the time.

Here are some links of it:

Does anyone know other programmes which are similar to Viewpoint? I have used MS Access but it’s not really my thing. Any help will be greatfully appreciated.


FileMaker Pro 7 looks similar to Viewpoint. Was recently told they are the same programme. Is this true anyone?

tried it’s free and can do what M$ office can do.