Recommendations for printable DVD-R or DVD+R for my 812S

Does anyone know of any good printable DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs for my 812S? I bought Verbatim printables off Amazon:
These have some stutter problems.
I found these two (even though the first is DVD-R):

Which of these two would you recommend? Or what other good printable DVD media do you suggest?

I would have to say either one of them should work just fine for you I use the
Verbatim -R disks #94854 with the fully hub printable print area. I always get
excellent burns with them on my 1633s but if you do not care about having a
full edge to edge print area then the Taiyo Yuden is what you should get. They
are excellent disks most people receive super low PI and PIF errors with the ol’
Taiyo Yuden’s.

Verbatim 16x DVD+R printable (MCC004) always give me excelent results on my 1653S (even when burning after printing on them), but if they would work out as well on your drive is something you have to try out.

Verbatim 8x DVD+R printable (MCC003) give worse results than 16x, but still quite good most of the time.

Where can I purchase the Verbatim -R #94854 disks (are these different from what I purchased on Amazon)? Are there any other fully hub printable discs you’d recommend?

Okay here is where I get all of my disks from here is the link to the Verbatim 94854 -R disks here is another brand of disks
that I use every once in a while
they are Fuji 8X DVD-R Silver Inkjet Hub Printable disks they give like a 3-D effect after printing.
The Verbatim disks are MCC 02RG20 and the Fuji disks are Prodisc F01 they both work quite well
with my 1633s. Here is a KProbe of a MCC 02RG20 disk that I burned @8x :iagree: