Recommendations for one of my last CD-R buys..?

Alright guys,

The time has come when I have finally run out of Verbatim DLP, Mitsubishi and TY media (in fact i’ve only got about 40~ discs of any kind left in my blank CD-R collection!).

So, I’m gonna do one of my last CD-R buys, and now that good media is even more scarce in NZ, I’ve got some choices lined up. My idea was to buy the cheapest media I could find for things like iso images, random files etc., and then some good media to complement it, but I’m not sure. I burn at 24-40x always, never higher, so i’m not concerned about speed.

RIghty, the legend: $NZ ($US) - Disc name (suspected manufacturer, colour = how good i think they are. please correct me, i havn’t looked at cd-r quality for a long time (DVD’s are the shizz these days :))) - PRICES ARE FOR 100

$52.00 ($36.00) - VERBATIM DataLife Plus 52x (MIT Mitsubishi)
$49.00 ($34.50) - RITEK RIDATA 52x Inkjet MIT Ritek
$44.00 ($31.00) - VERBATIM Pthalocyanine 52x (MIT CMC?)
$40.00 ($28.00) - IMATION 48x (MIT CMC)
$40.00 ($28.00) - IMATION BUSINESS SELECT 48x (MIT CMC)
$40.00 ($28.00) - DICK SMITH ELECTRONICS 48x (MIT Prodisc)
$40.00 ($28.00) - VERTEX 48x Inkjet (MI? No idea?)
$40.00 ($28.00) - CY’QVE 48x (MIT CMC?)
$37.00 ($26.00) - PRINCO 52x Inkjet (MIT Princo)
$37.00 ($26.00) - BENQ 52x (MI? No Idea?)
$35.00 ($24.50) - GMIT 52x (MI? No idea?)
$35.00 ($24.50) - SONY 48x (Sony/LeadData? - MIT or MIHongKong)
$35.00 ($24.50) - SPINX 48x (MIT CMC)
$34.00 ($24.00) - SAST 52x Inkjet (MIChina from memory… ?)
$29.00 ($20.50) - AVLABS 52x (MIHK Sony/LeadData?)

I can import taiyo yuden silvertop ffrom JPL displays for $45, or TY ceramic top for $49 + $35~ shipping (shipping for 200) - so it’s quite a bit more expensive. But is it worth it?

I’d personally consider only the first two of your list. Both are good choices. CMC, Prodisc, LeadData, “unknown” and made in China ( :Z ) CDR media are too variable to my taste.

If you want to go cheaper, try to find Ritek-manufactured CDR discs under another brand than Ridata, maybe.

Of course the TY are most excellent, but IMO not much more than (premium) Ritek or MCC Verbs. I’d say go for the Ridata.

I’ll agree with Francksoy – the first two would be my top picks. If you want something for temporary data, go for something like a 10 pack of CD-RWs, or a 50 spindle of really cheap discs, but don’t be tempted to use them for anything important when your good discs run out :slight_smile:

I’d take the Verbatim Datalife Plus 52x for serious stuff and the BenQ 52x discs for cheaper stuff. The BenQ 52x discs are almost definitely made by Daxon, BenQ’s media division. They should probably be made in Taiwan or Malaysia. I’ve used some of them on two LG burners (4163B/4167B) and they burn fine at their rated speed (mine were 40 or 48x). The discs are still readable after about one year, so they should be ok for short term use.