Recommendations for External Plextor Burner

I’m asking if anyone can recommend an external Plextor DVD burner, which is to be used to burn both DVDs and CDs. The two models I’ve seen advertised are the PX-716UF and PX-750UF. I have been using the PX-708A up till now (a really great burner, I think), but it has begun to fail.

Don’t go for the 750, it is a rebadged TEAC drive and not a true plextor.


Unless you are planning to feed the drive only top quality A+ media, you are probably going to have some problems with it. Also, as the drive is not a true Plex, it does not support scanning.

If you were/are a fan of the 708A and aren’t using DL discs, try the 708UF2. (it’s a 708A2 in a USB/Firwire box) I’ve had this drive for going on two years, and coastered only 2 discs out of hundreds I’ve burned. It’s an older model now, so it should be nice and cheap if you can find one.

If it’s a DL you want, my post isn’t for you, but happy hunting anyway.


You might use any drive with this:

I haven’t checked it with a dvd burner, but it recognises the Premium 1.

Edit: It is shipped with a power supply.