Recommendations for external laptop dvd burner?

Hello friends, I use an ultralight laptop for work, and IBM Thinkpad X41. It is so small it doesn’t even have an optical drive, just a SD card slot. On top of this it only carries TWO USB 2.0 ports. That’s right, two ports. Hopefully they don’t share the same power source. This brings me to my question: What lightweight, compact, bus-powered DVD burner can you recommend?

I started looking at the Plextor PX-608CU unit. But first of all it would chew up both my ports, and it seemed to eat a little more power than the USB standard allows according to the excellent review here at CDFreaks.

IBM sells a CD-Writer, DVD-Burner unit with a special power supply attachment that effectively eliminates the need for extra cables. It is of course expensive as heck, and I can’t seem to find it on the US Lenovo site:
For a summary, it can only write CDs at 24x maximum, and costs roughly $250 excluding VAT. On the other hand it’s IBM, which means good quality and nice, clean design (no blue LEDs, yay!).

So, do you have any recommendations for any other drives? I could actually go for a read-only drive if it would work off a single port and be of decent quality. I’ve seen so many Samsung drives in Dell desktops die for no apparent reason, simply fail to boot or reads CD-R as “blank”. Seen it on a fair number of crappy low-end laptops as well, and I don’t really wish for that in my own reader.

For burning purposes it would be used for long-time store backups (with quality media of course), and general field reading use.
Usually customers comes to me with their beat up Memorex discs that they burned at 52x. Then left on their car’s dashboard during a hot summer day, and then they accidentally used it to scrape off the ice from the windshield etc. And none knows how exactly they got the on the windshield during summer.

Any suggestions? I apologize if this wasn’t the right forum for this topic.

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Martin “xarragon” Persson

Hi,QUOTE=xarragon;1972378 What lightweight, compact, bus-powered DVD burner can you recommend?[/quote]None. :wink:
Most bus powered DVD writers might exceed the specs for USB power.

Is such a slim type external drive really needed, or could it also be a Half-Height external drive?

Advantages of the Half Height drives are the more solid construction and better firmware support by their original manufacturers. They are also much cheaper than the slim ones.

Any suggestions?
If size does not matter, then I would vote for a Samsung SE-S204N. A very good allround drive with excellent reading capabilities.
If it must be a slim drive, then have a look here:

I apologize if this wasn’t the right forum for this topic.
You question fits perfectly here :slight_smile:


Hehe, what a coincidence. I had decided to give up on some light and slim drive, and go for an all out full-sized drive for use in the office. So I looked through the selection at my favorite store, found a nice Samsung drive, found some reviews, and it seemed great.

And then I recalled your reply with a recommendation (which I had forgotten about momentarily). And when I checked it out, what drive DID you recommend? The SE-S204N. What was exactly what I had more or less already decided at! So no more doubt about which drive I’ll get!

Thanks alot for your reply and recommendations!

PS. I was actually so disappointed by all the dead Samsung drives in the Dell dekstops that I had come to distrust all Samsung optical drives a bit. But what I’ve read about them here changed that. I guess you can’t really compare the cheap models stuffed into low-end Dell machines with retail units. And the family with those failing Dell machines are extremely hard on their machines…

So for any Samsung fans there, I apologize. I hope this unit will change my views once I get down to cranking out discs.

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Have a look at another Plextor: PX-755UF or PX-760UF.

This is a very good review of the unit:

Good luck.