Recommendations for best DVD media



Hi Everyone,

I’m putting together a new system to replace my 5 year old P3-800 system, so I’ve gone ahead and bought two DVD burners (for conveinence sake) for the new system.

I’ve bought the Plextor PX-716A and the BenQ 1620. I also have a LiteOn SOHW-832S in an external Bytecc USB2.0 enclosure which I use between home and work, but will likely stay at work now.

What would be the best media to buy for these drives? I’m assuming Taiyo Yuden 8x +R would be best (16x are hard to find, no?).

What about firmwares? Any clues as to what firmware I should put on these drives (the LiteOn is running stock VS0E; the other drives I haven’t powered up yet).

Thanks for any help offered,

  • not_rockstar


I have 2 BenQ1620’s - one running with firmware B7P9 and the other with B7P9. Verbatim have been no problem with B7P9 but not so good with B7T9.
But best of all for me have been Fuji DVD +R Yuden000 T02 and Taiyo Yuden TYG02 ----- funnily enough these are DVD-R and work best with the B7T9.

Have just placed an order for a Plextor 716A - will be interesting to compare with the BenQ and to see if the Taiyos are still the best


i have a 832s, best media i’ve come across (apart from the TY ones) is datasafe dvd+r’s (r02 dye i believe), but i have VS0A firmware on it, i don’t like the newer firmware i feel it doesn’t give as good a burn. stick to +r’s for lite-on drives, they hate dvd-r’s with vengence, never had a good burn with a -r on this drive. hope this is of some help.