Recommendations for archiving at 1x speed?



I am working on a project archiving analog recordings onto digital media and would like recommendations for choice of media for recording at 1x speed on a TASCAM CD-RW2000 recorder. I have been using silver thermal Mitsuis for the last few years but have heard that Mitsui sold out and the quality has gone down. I also recently read that high speed media doesn’t always work as well at low speed recording. I have also been using Taiyo Yuden media to make copies of the Mitsui recordings at 8x speed on a Mediaform copier.


1x well that’s surely limits your choice.
Hmm if you can get the low speed TY’s then buy them in the other cases I think you could try the gold Media from MAM. They didn’t screwed up the quality of the gold media that much.


We actually stated out the project using the Mitsui Gold but were getting terrible results on our tests using a Clover Systems CD Analyzer and then switched to the silver. Apparently the Gold are not reommended for slow speed recording. Do you know a good source to get the slower speed media?


That’s strange because with MAM-E the studio gold disc’s are still the ones that produce still excellent results. (DYE is still the very old version which is optimised for low speeds.) Guess this proofs that MAM-A and MAM-E have different idea’s of how the market works.
Well the problem is I live in Europe. So I don’t think I could help you much with some local stores. (The shipping costs are terrible.)
I will ask some of my contacts on the American market if they know something.


Kind of a co-incedence, as I want soem of the MAM-E CD-Rs that are 100-minute Golden Dye and they don’t have them in the US! :slight_smile: Anyone know how I can get them & if they’re better than other brands’ 99/100-minute CD-Rs?


You really don’t want MAM-E golden dye 100 minutes.
Why ?
Because there quite crap.
I don’t use 100 minutes disc’s because most times there quite bad.
90 is allready going down hill except the TDK’s but 100 minutes really seems to be quite crap.
Infact the only way to make a decent 100 minutes burn is use plextor gigarec with high quality Taiyo Yuden.


Oh thanks very much for that warning! I’ll just stick to using GigaRec in my Plextor Premium using top-quality 80-minute media.


My employer sells Mitsui Gold/Gold archive disks for $.92 (bulk style any quantity) here in Oregon but the box clearly says 52x. We sell alot of these to audiophile type people who say they can hear the quality difference. “You can hear the difference?” Whatever!
Can’t go wrong with Taiyo’s or maybe a different formulation Mitsui.


There seems to be a great difference between MAM-E GOLD and MAM-A gold
MAM-E (Europe ) GOLD disc’s are optimized for slow speeds.
MAM-A (AMERICA) GOLD disc’s are optimized for high speeds.


LOL@ the hear the differnece comment

thats just too funny, that goes in my list of things stupid people say, next time one tells u that smack them upside the head with a 100 pack of blank cd’s


This makes a lot of sense in light of the problems we had trying to record the MAM-A at 1x speed.


You might think it’s Funny. However it’s the truth. If you knew a little bit more about production of recordable media and dye technology then you would know that the above is possible.
However if you don’t believe then you could allways find it out the hard way by testing it or you can offcourse just ignore the fact.


Although we make fun of those types too. (Trekkies with no day job who wore out their welcome at CompUSA) I do try to remain neutral and give them the benefit of the doubt.
Keep in mind there is the normal Gold for Mitsui, which maybe does differ from N. America to Europe. And there is the Gold/Gold (gold on gold) media that appeals to Archivists (sp?) Audiophiles, and Medical use. Mitsui even sells them as Medical CDR’s so they can charge a little extra; and us too.


to hear the differnce when something is recorded at 1x and something at lets says 12x?

if its the exact same thing how could u hear the differnce?

now if u where copying a cd, u could hear the differnce maybe from the orignal cd and the burnt one

if i am wrong please fill me in on how u say u can HEAR the differnce in speeds with which the same thing is recorded


OK. What discs are for sale on ? Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs UltraDisc 24-karat Gold CD-R. They’re optimised for slow speeds & are 24K gold. They are sold at about 2 USD/disc. They claim to be the best discs world-wide. Onlt 74-minute. Can someone tell me who really makes these discs?


Probally MAM-A but just with Quantagey you have a good change that they will use the slod dye version on it. Because some of MAM_A OEM on the profesional market want the slow dye version.(GOLD media is made by 2 compannies MPO and MAM. IF it’s in the USA then it’s allmost allways MAM)

About gold archival from MAM-A.
If you read the statement on there site then you would note that it’s supposed to be the same as gold but there picked out when the quality is high.


So you’re saying that the 74-min 24-karat gold discs sold on (USA) are actually MAM-A Gold for Archival blanks?


Well if there archival you can debate. - Archival is supposed to be the first xxxx number of production of normal gold media when the stamper is really fresh.
However what OEM’s get from MAM-A I don’t know. Every OEM has it’s contract.
In other words these disc’s could be better the same quality as MAM-A archival gold bit also as normal gold.
One thing I do know that is after the take over of CSI there was a huge quality drop with MAM media. Now the quality has improved again (but still not as good as in the past.) except for the european golden dye media which is still crap.
However when MAM’s own media dropped in quality most of the premium OEM’s did still quite fine.
Also what if quantagey or Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs UltraDisc specially requested a version which has the dye which is optimised for slow speed ? Anything is possible.
The only thing I can say is that because it’s gold it’s made by MAM or MPO.
In case of american market the change for MPO is ultra small. So that puts us to MAM made but what the exactly made when it comes to quality and product optimisation we don’t know.
So can’t you convince them for sending a free sample(S)(or at some smal reward.) so you can see how they work ?
Because getting slow TY or TDK (very high quality made by TDK japan) media outside japan seems to be hard.

But there probally a disc made by MAM-A.