Recommendations for a noobie :)

Hi all,

Im new to the DVD authoring scene so would like some help to get me going.

Basically, I have a load of files at the moment (kids school plays, days out etc) that I want to put onto a DVD (or two). What I would like is any recommendations for an easy to use tool that has good DVD menu customisation options. I have played about with a trial of convertxtodvd but it seems limited on the menu options (cant seem to make animated backgrounds etc).

Basically, after something that has an easy to use interface (I know theres alot of powerful tools out but they all seem to need powerful users to use them well lol). Im not really worried to much about editing the actual video (for the time being) just after some decent menu options.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

First point - when you talk about files, do you mean you already have them in the computer?
what file formats do you have them in?
Second - do you want only freeware or are you prepared to buy a package?
If you said you’d like to edit the files, I’d suggest Ulead VideoStudio, or similar packages from Pinnacle, Magix or Adobe.
As you said no edit required you could consider the new version of Ulead MovieFactory - versions 6 or 6 Plus, that have just a few editing facilities but some flexibility on the menu side.
Maybe you can go along with the programs included in Nero or Roxio if you own one these burning packages, with no need to buy extra stuff.
On the freeware side you may find applications to do what you need for free, but more demanding usage knowledge and maybe less flexibility in the menus (at least in some cases)
Pay a visit to where you can find a lot of info on software and user guides.

Very good suggestion & advise, specialy reading all you want to know about video authoring from :

DVDLab Pro would be a good choice of application for authoring.

Also the link supplied by [B]TCAS[/B] will help you get started.

Thanks for the help, ill take a look at videohelp and see what I can find out. Im not bothered about paying for a package if its useful although freeware is obviously a better choice :slight_smile: