Recommendations for a new laptop DVD burner

I’m currently using a Pioneer DVR-K05 slot loader that I got about 1.5 years ago. While I’m very happy with the performance of the drive in terms of burning media (I use only Sony DVD+R and DVD+RW discs, and also TDK CD-R and CD-RW only), and I’ve never really had a bad burn for any reason, I’m pretty damned disappointed in the day-to-day read performance of this drive for all media types.

It’s just too damned slow. I’ve got a spare 4x DVD-ROM reader that can boot off an Ubuntu LiveCD in about 1 minute flat, while this Pioneer takes almost 5 to do the same thing. It just goes haywire on reads and I’m a bit sick of it.

Also, one downside is this burner can’t do subchannel data/etc to get perfect backups, much to my chagrin.

So, I’m in the market to get a better drive that can do the following:

8x DL burning, no need for anything faster
Fast read performance across the board for all media types
The ability to burn subchannel/etc data to get correct backups done

That’s about it, seems simple on the surface but I know this forum is the best place online to ask about this sort of thing. I’ve done a few searches for laptop drives, and I’ve got some information, but I wanted to just ask outright for the best and most recommended laptop drive I can get these days.

Tray loading or slot loading, doesn’t matter really. I chose the Pioneer slot loader because it was cheap at the time I got it ($75) but I’ve just about had it with the slow read access performance.

Thanks for any and all suggestions and recommendations, folks…