Recommendations For 25GB BD-R 's?


I am getting to the bottom of my last cakebox of Digistor 25GB BD-R’s with MID: MEI-RA1-001 and I find that they no longer seem to be available.

Can anyone recommend good 25GB BD-R’s for my Pioneer BDR-208D that won’t cost more than $2/ea ?



Verbatim BD-R 6x with CMC MAG BA5

Panasonic are IMHO the best, but hard to find and expensive


I second the Verbatim CMCs, the 208D gets the best out of them, the 209 series is not that good with them, unfortunately.
Panasonic BD-Rs are available on eBay, but quite expensive, so CMC Verbatims are the best quality for a lower price atm.


Thanks guys.

Odd that the 208 gets along well, but the 209 not so much.

Will these burn at 10X even though marked as 6X like Panasonics do ?


The 208D will even burn them @ 12x, but I don’t recommend anything higher than their rated speed, i.e. 6x. The error rates will increase a lot at higher write speeds, CMCs are NOT Panasonics. :wink:


Dear Oinker,

Thank you for the info.

My much beloved Falcon branded TDK’s burned cleanly at 10X.

I will try the Verbatim branded CMC’s at different speeds and see what my drive can handle cleanly.

I use my BD-R’s to archive backup images and generally fill up many discs in one session. The higher speeds can really shorten such a task.

Many thanks!