Recommendations Appreciated

After a lot of effort I’ve come to the conclusion that iTunes and Nero may not want to live together on my PC. After uninstalling, reinstalling multiple times, I’m at the point where iTunes will run and Nero won’t (even if I remove iTunes, there must be remnant in the registry left behind). Opening Nero basically freezes the PC forcing a hard reboot; all that happens is the program screen closing and moving to the system try; and Info Tools freezes when it tries to recognize the IDE drives. So, perhaps unfortunately, I need to think about alternative burning software. I would appreciate any recommendations.

My setup:

A new NEC 3500AG DVD Burner + a Samsung DVD-Rom drive
Win XP Pro SP2
In addition to iTunes, installed software includes DVD Shrink and WinDVD Creator (for a new Plextor video capture device), mkW Act and Flacfrontend (to extract SHN and FLAC files). I also have Feurio for burning audio CDs, though I haven’t installed it to see if it conflicts with iTunes.

One of the reasons I got Nero was that I liked the all in one idea, especially the backup software; I’d also been using earlier versions for several years. So I’m not familiar with the reputations of other programs/software suites.

Of course, if anyone has an idea about solving my Nero/iTunes problem, I’d really be happy! Thanks very much. :sad:

depending on how much you want both to run or even just nero, do a fresh install of your OS.

It seems that’s all I do lately! I last reinstalled over the weekend due to a hardware issue (NEC 3500 would not show up as UDMA2, just PIO - which seems OK since reinstall w/sp2), so I’m not sure I have the stomach to do this again - unless there’s something specific you might point me to as the source of the problem? Such as installing one before the other, etc? Thanks.

well if you really know that the issue is that those two programs cant deal with each other, I wouldn’t install them BOTH at all. If its so bad that you have to keep putting a fresh install of your OS I’d use another program other than nero, because Im guessing you like the itunes for your IPod. And Im sure you don’t want to get rid of that right?

I can’t say its iTunes for sure - but you are right, I don’t want to ditch that. I’m just not familiar with other software possibilities.