Just a recomendation. But the CD Freaks bargain basement forum, might be better of if it is split into 2-4 sections.

One to deal with US, Canada etc
One to deal with UK and Europe
One to deal with Asia
And one to deal with Globally bargains that go over borders.

This has just been my experience but going through all these so called bargains, is pointless for me mostof the time, as only at the end do i find out that they are only valid for north american citizens, etc. Postage costs and import costs just kill of the bargain.


or maybe the Topic title could be appended with a country code
eg., DvD-R Bargains [ AU ]
DvD+RW Bargains [ CZ ]

fast fast reply

lol, i’ve 10 windows open ATM :wink:

Good suggestion oceanic and thank you for taking the time to let us know! Unfortunately our experience is that if we split up forums with a relative small amount of posts that they have the habit to become even less crowded. However in this case it might be a side-effect of the country problem as you described. I will propose it to our staff to see if they have an opinion about this!