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Hi All,

I am using DVD Fab Platinum 5.020. I am thinking of ripping my DVDs to put on a media server available to some media extenders and PCs in my home. I would do Vob, but those files would take up too much space. I am thinking of getting an XBox 360 and/or PS3. I also have Windows Media Center PCs and a Zune. I would like to use a format that can be read on all of the devices and software easily without transcoding. I want full resolution videos.

I am thinking of using H.264 MP4 files. The Zune Software and Player reads them and my wife’s iTunes and iPod reads them (Although I know they may need to be resized).

Does anyone know if Windows Media Center/Media Player can play those codecs?

Also, since I don’t have a 360 yet, or a PS3, has anyone used this codec with the devices? I think I can stream to the 360 with the Zune software but am unsure.

I would use DivX but the Zune doesn’t support it yet, and as far as I know, the wife’s iPod doesn’t either.

Any help is great. Thanks!


I think you will find the bitrate setting and screen size you will need for good images on a widescreen TV won’t be swallowed very well (if at all) by the iPods. Search the forum, there have been several recent threads by others doing the same thing with some of the devices you plan to use. Their experiences may pave the way for you.