Recommendation Laptop internal 9.5mm SATA DVD+/-RW DL drive

There seems to be very few choices in this category.

I’ve found a few and I’ve looked pretty hard. I came up witht the following, but I’m sure this is not all and please mention something different.


Didn’t include the Panasonics just because of all the bad things that I have already read???

Also, wasn’t sure if the SONY-NEC drives made for Apple are SATA and able to add Dell’s DVD shroud (if thats the right word)

By the way, my laptop is a Dell M4400

Thanks for any and all feed back and I know everyone has there own opinions. I have an Dell Inspiron 1525 with a TSST RW - DL burner (drive model I’m not sure of), but it is the second one and it is a piece of crap. I have NEC in my old D600 that I use and it has spoiled me I geuss. It is much quiter and have burn very, very few coasters on it. The TSST in the Inspiron is about 1 out of 5 and I use various media types, but never RW or DL’s. The TSST sound like they are going to fly apart!!

No opinions!!!

This one, if available :wink:

I’ve been trying to find that drive, but haven’t had any luck. I like the Sony for the reason that it has a NEC chipset in it. The link you sent was the same one that I looked at and it is from Sony (Europe). The Sony (America) site doesn’t list it and I actually sent the Sony (Europe) an email and they replied that they were only supplied as OEM’s right now. I was wondering about the “Region Code”, would that play into things, especially if I found a slightly used one? Thanks very much for your feedback

Don’t bother buying a used one.
Where do you live ?

Try here :

Maybe they ship to US ?