Recommendation for new dvd cd writer




I presently have a PIONEER EXTERNAL DVR X162Q dvd cd writer.

It’s kind of new, but I have not been having any luck getting it work.

All I get is disc writer errors and I’m going through a lot of blanks…bascially when it’s about to write I get a NOT RESPONDING warning, and I don’t know where to begin to know what the problems are I’m dealing with.


I’m a newbie with this stuff so your patience is appreciated.

Thanks for ALL of your help !

Yours, Mike


Hey Mike :slight_smile:

Maybe with a bit more info, we can help get your Pioneer sorted as well as recommend a new one - that’s if you still want a replacement if we can solve the Pioneer problem. :wink:

Moving onto recommendations - what do you want from a burner (apart from something that works, of course LOL) - LightScribe or no?
What makes of disc do you mainly burn - some drives get on better with everything you throw at them, others can be a bit picky.
Do you want a drive that’s especially good at burning CDs?
Or one that maybe an excellent reader of scratched/dirty discs?

Sorry for all the questions, but it helps recommend the right drive for your specific needs. :slight_smile:

Regarding your Pioneer issues - what brands of disc have you tried (and their rated speed), and what speeds do you generally burn at?


Thanks Arachane, I would still like to solve the PIONEER problem if I can.

  1. I want a burner to convert video and audio formats to DVD and Cd, for playback, as well as storing music on as data…

  2. I have Lightscribe but I don’t use it…perhaps I will in the future.

  3. At the moment, I’ve only used TDK 8.5 double layer, MEMOREX 8.5 double layer blanks, as well as VERBATIM 4.7 dvd blanks, MEMOREX 4.7 dvd blanks, SONY 4.7 dvd blanks, MEMOREX cd blanks.

I burn at a rate that is determined by the software.

  1. An excellent reader of scratched, dirty discs would be nice.

I have to admit there is one situation, that may be important to figuring out the problem…I use a lot of memory up storing cds and videos for burning
…perhaps this is an issue in my ability to use the software…as I said, I am ignorant to burning situations and problems !

If there is any other pertinent info you need just let me know.

Thanks again, Mike


Also, what kind of computer do you use? How old is it? What make and model is the computer?


OOops, thanks so much Albert !

HP d7 Pavillion 3 years old

4 GB Microsoft Vista Home Premium


There are several potential problems here. First off, [B]don’[/B]t use TDK or Memorex DL media. You should stick to Verbatim DL disks.

I personally would also avoid the Memorex single layer, but they can be decent depending on the mid code of those particular disks. The problem is, Memorex buys from different suppliers, and it is hard to predict what you have. One time they may burn ok, the next time, not so well. And even the same mid code varies a lot in burning when buying Memorex.

Sony…used to be better than they are now in single layer dvds. Verbatim with AZO on the label are the way to go, or use Taiyo Yuden disks (most often found online).

Set your burn speed manually. Since you are burning via usb, slow down the burn speed to 8x on the single layer disks and I’d use 4x on the DL Verbatims.


Thank you very much, Kerry56.

I will see if I have any Verbatim blanks, and do a test tomorrow.

Very thankful for your advice,




OOops, thanks so much Albert !

HP d7 Pavillion 3 years old

4 GB Microsoft Vista Home Premium…

64 Bit !


Got a three year old PC myself (or thereabouts - a Dell Dimension E520, C2D E4300 1.8GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, Vista Home Premium 32bit).

I have an external LG (GSA-E10N) hooked up to it, and the drive’s a workhorse, so I don’t see any issue with your specs.

First thing to do would be to use Verbatim, as Kerry suggested - both for SL and DL use.

For SL burns, I tend to burn at 8x as a safe bet. For DL, depending on the disc’s rated speed, either 8x/6x for 8x discs, and 4x for 4x rated discs - once again, similar to Kerry’s suggestion. :slight_smile:

My LG’s pretty picky regarding media quality - your Memorex and TDK DLs wouldn’t stand a chance on it, hehe - and not a failed burn with Verbatim, SL or DL, apart from the odd disc that was dodgy straight out of the pack.

BTW, just as an afterthought: my other external, a Samsung SE-S084C, is a sweet reader of deteriorated or dirty/scratched discs. Isn’t so good with DL burning, though.



I thanks you very much !

I have some Verbatim discs of both types, on the way !

I will advise you the results !

I thank EVERYONE here for your replies and expert advice !

I hope to return the favor, someday when I have as much expertise as those here :slight_smile: !




No worries Mike - looking forward to hearing if the Verbies do the trick! :slight_smile:

If there’s still an issue, at least we have good media to start with, and can go from there. :iagree:


[QUOTE=Arachne;2605475]No worries Mike - looking forward to hearing if the Verbies do the trick! :slight_smile:

If there’s still an issue, at least we have good media to start with, and can go from there. :iagree:[/QUOTE]

Gotcha and I will get back to the group as soon as I can :slight_smile:

Yours, Sincerely