Recommendation for NEC and LiteOn drive


I’d like to buy a NEC and LiteOn DVD burner with IDE interface. Unfortunately I’m do not know a lot about the LiteOn an NEC drives.

I’d like a real NEC drive (I don’t know if there are rebranded drives, that are not made by NEC).

I found 3 drives at the NEC website:
AD-7200A - No LS or LF
AD-7201A - Lightscribe
AD-7203A - Labelfash

I do not really need LS or LF. Are the drives different in burning quality. The Results and discussions thread does not really show differences (for me). Are NEC drives usable as DVD quality scanning drive. I saw there were scand posted in the Results and discussions thread mady with the AD-720x drives…

The LiteOn drive I’d like is basically planned as scanning device. But if the burning quality is also god I’ll not be sad about it. There are a lot Liteon drives out that looks very similar to me. I’m a little confused about the number of drives that looks identical to me… Is there a good recommendation…? I checked the page and I do not know if a LH-20A1x, LH-20A2x or LH-20A4x is better. Or the HAP-x22 drives… :rolleyes:

I own a Nec 7200A and Liteon 20A3P and would def recommend both. They’re the only burners I currently use with the Litey getting a slightly higher workload atm. The 7200 seems to scan ok, but no jitter scanning and not quite comparable to Litey results. However, the Nec is useful for CD scanning whereas the Litey def is not.

@ TM,

Suggest visiting the dedicated NEC DVD Burner Forum ( and the dedicated Lite-On DVD Burner Forum ( for detailed information on the newest available NEC/Lite-On DVD Burners and review the postings by NEC/Lite-On DVD Burner owners.