Recommendation for Linux compatible DVD writer


I’m about to build a new computer, but I’m not yet sure which DVD writer to choose. Requirements:

  • Linux compatbile (or more specifically Ubuntu)
  • SATA
  • compatible with the SATA controller (H55 chipset) of my motherboard (MSI H55M-ED55)
  • Silent operation at least during DVD Video playback and preferrably also when burning DVDs/CDs.
  • Decent CD/DVD writing quality.

Not so important:

  • CD/DVD writing speed.

I don’t care about:

  • Lightscribe/Labelflash

What I learned from other forums so far is that I should avoid LG DVD writers, as these quite often have compatibility issues with PATA/SATA controllers and/or with Linux.

I saw some reports about some Pioneer DVD writers having compatibility issue specifically with the SATA controller of the H55 chipset used on my motherboard. So I guess it’s better to avoid these, too.

Samsung DVD writers are often praised for their Linux compatiblity, but on the other hand I didn’t find any positive reviews about burning quality of current Samsung drives.

So currently I’m considering the LiteOn iHAS524 or the Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7240S.

Any recommendation on which DVD writer might fit my requirements? Whether to choose the iHAS524, the AD-7240S or a completely different one.

I wasn’t able to find much information abut how noisy/silent the iHAS524 / AD-7240S actually are. There are some positive reviews, but these are mostly focusing on CD/DVD writing speeds or quality and the like.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Welcome to the forums iskarion.

I’m not sure where you heard about problems between the H55 SATA controller and LG and Pioneer drives, but the Intel SATA controllers have been some of the very best for compatibility with optical drives. We don’t really see many issues with them in Windows systems. I can’t speak for the Linux drivers however, since I don’t use Linux.

You won’t find any drives that are completely silent when burning at high speed. Lite-on in particular have a long history of loud drives. But modern drives and modern media shouldn’t be set to burn at very low speeds either. You can burn 16x media safely at half its rated speed, but I wouldn’t go lower.

My normal recommendation for a SATA interface drive is the Optiarc 7240s. I have one and it is a good all purpose drive, with fine results when using good media, like Verbatim. It has a reputation as one of the better drives for burning DL media. The 7240s is not particularly outstanding as far as noise…I’d put it slightly louder than either my LG GGW-H20L or my Samsung 203B.

You might want to look through this thread on the new Samsung SH-S243: The guys who have been doing user tests there seem to be very pleased with the drive’s performance as a writer. If you want specific information about the noise levels of that drive, you should start a thread in the Samsung subforum.

Hello. I’ve just purchased a Samsung S223C DVD writer but cannot find any software on the net which makes it function on Ubuntu. Can anyone please help me?

[QUOTE=Maddog-macca;2531034]Hello. I’ve just purchased a Samsung S223C DVD writer but cannot find any software on the net which makes it function on Ubuntu. Can anyone please help me?[/QUOTE]

I recently built a system for a friend using two Samsung S223C and Ubuntu 8.04 and it worked flawlessly. He upgraded to 10.04 and it still worked great. I have not found ANY modern DVD writers which have not just simply worked with Ubuntu.

The obvious should not be overlooked: Are you sure the drive is working? Cables connected correctly? BIOS set correctly? Media is good?